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Diving into the world of makeup


Makeup, even in the age of widespread mask-wearing, remains a driving medium of the worldwide beauty experience. Social media content and tutorials continue to garner millions of followers, generating billions of dollars’ worth of cosmetic sales. With all this instruction, one might think that it’s easy for the consumer to buy and use makeup without a professional’s help. It isn’t. And that’s good news for aspiring and working makeup professionals.

You may be thinking of developing your makeup skills to add to your current offerings or go in a different direction as a beauty professional. Whether you’re in a spa/salon setting or plan to work freelance, there are lucrative opportunities in specialties like bridal, commercial (for print and film), and, in certain markets, television and film/movie makeup.

Unfortunately, most esthetics and cosmetology programs barely touch upon training in makeup application, and the standard textbooks don’t reflect modern makeup formulas or even the diversity of American culture. It’s not a surprise to hear an esthetician say that “I didn’t learn much about makeup in school.”

So how do you get the training to acquire the skills and confidence to be successful in adding makeup to your list of services? Here’s how.

When communicating, be honest and humble about where you are in your journey and make it clear that you value their time and consideration.


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Beke Beau

Beke Beau is a multi-award winning makeup artist who started her career in New York City. In addition to working with her VIP clientele, she has been nationally recognized for her exquisite bridal work and signature private lessons, as well as her popular Makeup for Mature Women (™) workshops. Beke is also the founder and lead educator of the Paint School of Makeup, launched this year in Philadelphia.