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Make it Personal

How to make YOU your brand and create content that sells


Social media has experienced a unique shift over the last 10 years. From the social media channels which have amassed 1 billion users (I’m looking at you Tiktok) to the updates apps like Instagram have implemented. They all seem to be pushing one thing, connection.  

This need for connection has shifted the world of marketing away from the stiff brand image we are used to and towards the individual(s) behind the brand. Look at apps that are currently ruling the digital marketing sphere such as Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. They are based around showing your life, showing off what connects you to others. It’s the brands that harness the power of connection and community who will truly succeed on social media today.  

Now how do you create this connection to grow your community? By shifting the focus onto you. 

It’s the brands that harness the power of connection and community who will truly succeed on social media today.

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It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the thought of intertwining “you” as an individual with your brand but look at your favorite brands, they are most likely already implementing this strategy. Whether it’s the local baker you love to see on your feed because she posts fun behind-the-scenes videos of her business, or it’s the hairstylist whose Instagram story you love to click through because he is always cracking jokes with his colleagues.  

It’s these moments of showing the “people” aspect of a business that truly creates connection. Luckily for us, shifting the focus from the static brand to one that is intertwined with you as the skin care professional is easier than ever.  

How to shape your brand around you: 

1. Show up authentically.

Show up as you, not as the esthetician you think you should be but as the esthetician you want to be. Creating a brand around authenticity gets rid of the need to put on a “fake face” for the camera. Not only is this less mentally draining for you, but you are also showing your followers that your business is run by a real person. An individual who experiences ups and downs just like the rest of us. It’s these shared experiences where connection can bloom.

What does this look like? Show a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Examples include jumping on Instagram stories to talk about your day, sharing an on-the-whim video to debunk a trending skincare myth, or hosting an Instagram Live where you talk skincare and have a glass of wine virtually with your audience. Remember your online community wants to feel a connection with you. I always say that Instagram followers won’t book an appointment until they feel they can hold a conversation with you. Don’t focus on perfection, focus on showing up as yourself. 

2. Look at your following not as a number but as a community.

Once a follower decides to follow your profile that is not the end of their journey but the beginning. It is now your turn to create a connection with that follower so they can start to build trust with your brand. This can also be described as warming your audience.

What does this look like?  Listen to their needs, to what they comment on your posts, to the questions they send you via direct message. Create content around those questions and concerns. That is truly how you create content that sells. Everyone just wants to feel seen, like their needs are being taken care of. The more you understand this aspect, the more you’ll see how social media is more about creating strong connections than getting the most followers. 

3. Stay consistent.

Social media is a long-term game. Think back to when you met your best friend. Did you become best friends overnight? Most likely not. Your connection grew over time after every dinner date or phone call. Luckily we live in a world which favors short format content so staying consistent doesn’t have to be stressful. 

What does this look like? Look at Instagram Reels where you can create a 5-second video lip-syncing to a trending song. Not only could that Reels video potentially reach thousands of new eyes, but it will also give your followers their daily dose of you. Every single piece of content you publish that is infused with your personality is building trust with your audience.  

As you walk away from this article, I hope you can see how entwined creating a brand that features you at the forefront is with creating content that sells. Without the personal aspect, whether it’s through just yourself if you are a solo esthetician or yourself and your staff if you are a spa, your content will not sell.  

It is SO important to show your personality to build trust with your community. Once your audience trusts you and feels a connection, every single piece of content you publish becomes a piece of content that could create a sale. It’s an important mindset shift to make but the sooner you make the shift the sooner you can begin building an online community of loyal followers ready to buy.