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How to speed up lashing time with quality results


How to become a faster lash artist is a fre- quent question that we get! Once you be- come one you have a desire to be faster and faster. I want to share the secrets that helped me as a lash artist to improve my speed. As a beginner, it is normal to have your full set time at about 3 hours, anything less than that you probably are not lashing 100% of your client’s natural lashes. Two years into my career I got my classic full set time down to 1 hour and 45 minutes, and my application was pristine! Here is how I did it.

Keep an organized workspace. Have a place for everything. After each client, give yourself a few minutes to clean up and put your items away. Give yourself time to set up for your next client if necessary. At the end of the day, clean all tweezers properly and sanitize your space for the next day.

You will not get better practice than you will on an actual client, so push that doll head aside and find a real human to practice on!


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Lindy Williams

Lindy Williams is the owner and CEO of EBL Lashes. She started her business out of necessity as a single mom but through continual research, years of experience, and a love for the industry, she has cultivated an award winning product line sought after lash artists worldwide. Lindy balances being a business woman by day and a mom and wife in-between. Passionate about seeing people succeed, EBL provides great products in hopes of making it that much easier for lash artists all over