Keep Cleansing Simple

How to get your clients on board with a skin care routine

As an esthetician, it can be hard at times to keep your clients on board with your deep cleaning rituals. You know what’s best for their skin but, they might not see the value unless you sit them down and show them how.

While you’re cleansing skin, be vocal about each step, emphasizing the benefit and outcome of continued use. Then, have a small discussion with clients afterward about their skincare routine, helping them beef it up to enjoy each session back with you.

Change their Mindset

Now, we’re not telling you to preach or anything but, informing your clients about skincare’s importance is key. Maybe they don’t understand each pass, or perhaps they don’t pay attention, lost in your magic hands as you scrub and massage their face and neck.

It’s good to keep your clients aware as you go from step to step, telling them why you do things and what kinds of ingredients they should look for in products. The more they know, the more mindful they will be, choosing to partake in a better skincare routine on their own.

“In just three steps, your clients could have a simple, well-rounded routine that will take their skin to the next level.”


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Aurora Solis

Aurora Solis is a former Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist turned beauty and wellness writer. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she never grows tired of the beauty industry's ever-changing landscape. Her passion is helping other beauty professionals grow and be confident in their business ventures while putting them in touch with the latest trends and education.