Keep Cleansing Simple

How to get your clients on board with a skin care routine

As an esthetician, it can be hard at times to keep your clients on board with your deep cleaning rituals. You know what’s best for their skin but, they might not see the value unless you sit them down and show them how.

While you’re cleansing skin, be vocal about each step, emphasizing the benefit and outcome of continued use. Then, have a small discussion with clients afterward about their skincare routine, helping them beef it up to enjoy each session back with you.

Change their Mindset

Now, we’re not telling you to preach or anything but, informing your clients about skincare’s importance is key. Maybe they don’t understand each pass, or perhaps they don’t pay attention, lost in your magic hands as you scrub and massage their face and neck.

It’s good to keep your clients aware as you go from step to step, telling them why you do things and what kinds of ingredients they should look for in products. The more they know, the more mindful they will be, choosing to partake in a better skincare routine on their own.

“In just three steps, your clients could have a simple, well-rounded routine that will take their skin to the next level.”

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Keep It Simple

If you haven’t noticed already, clients will go running the other way if you start talking about products they don’t know or methods they’ve never heard of. That’s because they always think complicated things are expensive, knowing they come with a price tag a bit out of their budget.

Instead of scaring them away, keep it simple and show them how simple a deep cleansing routine can be, even if they are always short on time. Share the Trifecta of skincare with the only three steps they will ever need.

  1. Cleanse

The first step in any solid skincare routine should be to cleanse. A lot of times, clients will cleanse their skin only once a day. On top of that, maybe they only use very mild cleansers that don’t remove all of the dirt, makeup, and oil. While you have them in the hot seat, show them how to properly remove makeup and deep clean their skin so they’re off to a squeaky-clean start.

  1. Moisturize

If you can believe it, some people stop at step one, skipping on moisturizers and other necessary steps. Educate your clients about the importance of adding moisture back into the skin, especially when it comes to aging gracefully. Even if they are oily, they should still add in some kind of moisture after cleansing, a point that you should share.

Go over different types of moisturizers with them if needed, telling them what oily, dry, and combination skin types should be on the lookout for.

  1. Protect

Last but not least, inform your clients about the necessity of a good sun protector. Use an SPF that has broad-spectrum protection and blocks both harmful UVA and UVB rays. These days, the sun’s intensity is higher than ever, and protecting the skin’s surfaces is a high priority. Tell them that, even if they’re using a moisturizer with SPF, they need to add another layer. Each layer increases the protection of their skin and prevents sun damage.

Teach Them to Enjoy the Scrub

In just three steps, your clients could have a simple, well-rounded routine that will take their skin to the next level. The more they know about the importance of each step, the more they will want to stick to it, enjoying the scrub instead of passing it up. Suggest that they add their favorite song, turn on a short series, or just shut everything off and start their routine before heading to bed and applying makeup in the morning.

It’s All About Self-Respect

One of the key things behind helping your clients adopt a skincare routine is to show them how to make it personal. The more they feel like they care for themselves, the more they will keep it going.

As their skincare guru, you should be their biggest supporter, showing them what they can do to keep their skin in the best shape. Caring for oneself takes a mindset change, one that you can surely pass on to your clients. The better they feel outside of your treatment room, the better they can feel inside of it.