Intuitive Beauty

Help your clients set healthy intentions for their skin

From beauty products promising us perfect skin to Instagram filters and apps intended to banish our every imperfection, it seems as though beauty standards are becoming increasingly tough to meet. But the truth is, healthy, beautiful skin isn’t always perfect, and striving to achieve flawless skin can be exhausting, which can exacerbate skin issues.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we want to make sure we have a healthy relationship with who we see. Now, this may be difficult when we are constantly comparing ourselves to models online and chasing perfection.

Often, we feel like our bodies are against us when we experience issues like acne. When in actuality, they are trying to speak to us. The skin is a powerful organ that gives us a lot of insight into what may be going on inside our bodies, whether it be hormonal imbalances, stress, or an unhealthy gut.

Staying present in the treatment room will help you tap into what may be going on with your clients’ skin.

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The best thing clients can do for themselves is learn to love, appreciate, and take care of their skin from the inside out. That’s where intuitive beauty comes in. By encouraging your clients to listen to their bodies and do what feels right to them, you empower them to make the necessary changes to lead healthier lives.

What is intuitive beauty?

So what exactly is intuitive beauty? It’s much like intuitive eating, an eating style that promotes a healthy attitude towards food by paying attention to hunger signals. You eat when you’re hungry, and you stop when you’re full. Intuitive beauty is all about developing a healthy relationship with your skin by paying attention to its signals. It’s about being mindful of the type of products you put on your skin and other factors that can affect the skin, like diet, exercise, and stress. It’s listening to your skin and how it feels, and either cutting back on products that may be harming it or giving it the extra TLC it needs. It’s going beyond superficial beauty goals and creating intentions that unveil and align with your true desires. To feel beautiful on the inside. This reduces pressure and alleviates stress and anxiety, allowing you to achieve more sustainable results.

So how can you incorporate intuitive beauty practices into your business? Here are a few tips to take your and your clients’ intuition to the next level.

Ask questions – Get a comprehensive outlook on your clients’ lifestyles by asking all of the right questions. This includes questions on what their diet looks like, their fitness routine, whether they are on birth control, and how much they sleep. This will help you identify areas that may be affecting your clients’ skin.

Hone in your intuition – Staying present in the treatment room will help you tap into what may be going on with your clients’ skin. Work on strengthening your instinct as an esthetician. The key is to be calm and relaxed and see what answers come to you.

Help your clients develop a change of mindset – As an esthetician, it is essential to teach your clients that the skin reflects their inner health. The skin is always in evolution, changing as we age and live our lives. While there is no quick fix, learning to love and care for the skin continually is what the skin needs to reflect what we want back to us.

Have your clients set intentions – While goals focus on the future, intentions focus on the present moment and are lived out each day. They are more about the inner relationship with yourself and are really your true desires. While your client’s goal might be to get rid of their acne, a more pure intention might be learning to love who they see in the mirror.

A good practice is to have your clients close their eyes as they are receiving their treatment. Ask them to imagine what the best version of themselves looks like and how they feel. What does that person have that maybe they don’t have now? They will see that beauty on the outside is attainable as light and love are on the inside. They will want to go beyond achieving flawless skin once they realize that beauty starts from within.

This may help them heal old wounds or define areas of their lives that need to be addressed like stress or lack of sleep. You can incorporate guided meditations like these in every treatment to help them manifest the best versions of themselves. This will ultimately help strengthen their intuitive relationship with themselves and help them make more empowering choices.

A Deeper Connection

The truth is, dealing with skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema can be challenging. The pressures of aging well and looking like you just stepped out of an Instagram filter are real. What will set you apart from other estheticians is the ability to connect with your clients and show them that you care not only about their skin but also their emotional well-being. Help your clients set healthy intentions for their skin to build more patience and confidence within themselves. Going beyond the skin will help them reach a state of fulfillment that is much more than they knew they’d get when they first entered your treatment room!