Hot Summer Nights

Tips and techniques for summer – proof makeup


Well, it’s here, Summertime has arrived! That means your makeup routine will need to be changed up for your clients. Growing up in Philadelphia, I know a thing or two about humidity. Let me just tell you, it is not my friend. When you walk outside, the dampness hugs you like a blanket. Which is precisely the reason why I moved to the desert in Las Vegas! No matter what climate you live in, I’m going to help break down some products for a sweat proof, smudge proof makeup application. Your clients will love you forever!

Skin Prep: In every makeup application, no matter where you live, skin prep is the most important part of your makeup. You will always struggle with staying power unless you properly prepare the skin. I prefer to start with a micellar water all over the face. This removes makeup, dirt or debris and tones the skin. If they have a little texture, I find a light exfoliant helps before laying down foundation. This will get rid of any dead skin cells on the surface and help eliminate excess oil. I love using either exfoliating wipes or pads. I then top it off with a little hydration spray and we’re ready to rock! If your clients have super sensitive skin, I will skip the exfoliant and just use a micellar water. You can also use a setting spray before applying foundation to really lock it in.

In every makeup application, no matter where you live, skin prep is the most important part of your makeup.”

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Eyes: You need an eye primer. This helps with any creasing, discoloration, longevity, and makes the eyeshadow more vibrant. Prime under the eye if you are going to do a drop shadow. My two favorite options when it comes to eyeshadow are cream and powder. If you are using a cream, remember to always set it with a powder to prevent creasing. If you really don’t want your cream shadow to budge, you can mix in a waterproofing agent. Almost every makeup company makes a liquid product that can be mixed into your creams, gels, and powders to make them waterproof. This product will change your life for these hot summer nights! It can even be mixed in with mascara to make it waterproof. If powder is your thing, apply the shadow as you normally would and set it with a setting spray. If you are using a cream eyeliner, top it with the same color in a powder to set it.

Another option is to use a waterproof eyeliner as your base all over the lid and top it off with a powder shadow. Blend the two together for extra-long-lasting power. I also love using a setting spray in between the layers of my eyeshadow. If you want to add some glitter but want to avoid fallout, mix glitter in with your eye primer or a sealant for that smudge-proof power.

Brows: Brow gels are usually used after applying the brow product. I have a secret tip… use a clear brow gel first before applying a shadow or pencil product. This will show you exactly where you need to fill in and give the product something to adhere to. Whether you are using a powder or pencil, you need a brow gel. If you are using a pomade, it is most likely already waterproof.

Lips: Liquid lipstick is a great option for a long-lasting look. Goes on like a liquid, dries down matte! (Bonus tip- you can also use a liquid lipstick for eyeshadow and blush!) If liquid lipstick is too drying for your client, use a pencil to line and fill their lips. You can also dust the lips with a translucent powder to make matte. One of my favorite tricks is using a clear invisible wax liner to line the lips before applying the lip liner to prevent feathering. If you are doing a red lip to get that crisp liner, use a foundation or concealer one shade lighter and line the perimeter of the lip.

Base: When it comes to your foundation in the summer months, matte is the way to go if you are in a climate with a lot of humidity. Pair it with a matte moisturizer, primer and setting spray, for long wear. If you are in a dryer climate, it’s ok to use a foundation with a satin finish. Whatever foundation you use, be sure to set it with a powder. As for blushing, I like to use a cream and set it with a powder. Top off the look with a setting spray and your clients are ready for a night on the town!

I truly geek out over being able to take care of my clients, and it brings so much joy to be able to share these tips with you. Summertime is here, but worry not, I have all the confidence your clients are in the best of hands.  Hope you all have a sweat-proof summer!