Going deeper than the skin


with Valentina Hernandez
Founder + Chief Brand Officer of Sana Skin Studio in Miami, FL

How did Sana Skin Studio come to life?

From my teenage years to early adulthood,my skin was always an experiencefilled with the occasional highs and theusual lows. I longed for a support systemthat could help me quit the guessinggame and guide me to better understandmy skin needs. After findingout all my favorite products I had beenusing for over 15+ years were filledwith harmful endocrine disruptors andtoxins, I craved a beauty industry thatsupported my health and wellbeing.That’s where Sana came in. I married mylove for skincare with the purpose andpassion for clean beauty and wellbeing.

That’s where Sana came in. I married mylove for skincare with the purpose andpassion for clean beauty and wellbeing.

Our goal is to be your destination for self-care and clean skincare.

I wanted Sana to be a place where youcould feel truly supported on your skinjourney while switching out your productsfor cleaner alternatives one stepat a time. We’re not promising quickfixes or magic solutions because that’snot how true change happens. We’remore about a shift of mindset, a practiceof patience and love towards yourskin and embracing your imperfections.

How do you define theconcept of your Skin Studio?

Sana is a skin studio made for you.Founded with a vision for a better kindof skincare experience, Sana aims tochange your relationship with your skinand your products through goal-drivenfacials, real guidance and curated cleanskincare. More than a skin studio, Sanais a movement towards acceptance, selflove and a beauty industry that supportsour health and wellbeing.

What makes your servicesunique?

We offer goal driven facials that arerooted in education and clean skincare.

How many treatment roomsand other amenities arethere?

We have 4 treatment rooms and 1 LEDroom.

How do you select the peoplewho work with you?

We conduct interviews, practicals andreally have to connect to the personfor them to join our team.

How do you evaluateemployees, and what makesan employee stand out as star?

If our team members are team players,believe in our mission and createincredible experiences for our gueststhen we know they are stars on ourteam.

What are your retail goals?

Sana is setting new standards for theindustry by standing against toxins and curating the best of clean skincare. Ourgoal is to be your destination for selfcare and clean skincare.

What can you tell us aboutyour marketing techniques? What do you focus on?

We focus on growing an authentic communitythat wants to be part of the Sanabrand. Our efforts are a combinationof digital marketing, content creationand more.

How do you keep clientsloyal?

By providing exceptional service andattention to detail. Our sana communityis everything and we really striveto provide them with a beautiful andconsistent experience from A-Z.

What are the most importantlessons you have learnedthat you can share withothers in your career path?

Your team is everything + focus on yourbrand. Really spend time developingthe foundation of your brand and yourproduct and create protocols to providea consistent experience.