Get Booked!

Five tips for booking clients through Instagram

No matter what area of the beauty world you specialize in, you need an Instagram account that accurately represents your brand and attracts clients. Not only do you want to attract your ideal clients, but you also want to book them! It starts with first being seen, then capturing their attention, helping them get to know you and your business, and inviting them to take the final step, booking you. Investing in your Instagram account not only leads to more bookings in your calendar, but it gives you a whole new level of confidence!

STEP 1: Optimizing Your Bio

You have 150 characters to deliver your potential new client information that will help them understand your business basics and how you can help them. As they’re reading your bio, they’re figuring out if you are the right fit for them and what they’re looking for in a skin therapist or makeup artist.

Investing in your Instagram account not only leads to more bookings in your calendar, but it gives you a whole new level of confidence!

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So here’s what you absolutely need in your bio:

  • Who you are – your name, of course
  • What you do – the services you provide
  • The areas / locations you serve
  • Any awards and/or achievements
  • A call to action and a link to take the next step

A lot of times beauty professionals get hung up on the “awards and achievements” part. Get creative! Are you licensed? Have you taken any additional certifications? How many years of experience do you have under your belt? Make sure the information is clear, straight to the point, and easy to read.

STEP 2: Capture the Lead

The very last line in your bio should include a call to action.This is where you tell your new client what you would like them to do next. I always encourage selecting an action step that is closest to securing the booking. From years of experience, I have learned that making a personal connection with a client is crucial. I like to invite the client to book a free phone consultation with my team first.

I love using Calendly for clients to schedule a 15 minute call easily. You can also send them to the contact page on your website to fill out your contact form.

STEP 3: Design Your Brand to Attract Your Ideal Client

Remember, on Instagram, you have only a few seconds to capture the client’s attention. Make sure your branding is appealing to the type of bookings you want and the personalities you want to attract. Get crystal clear here, grab a pen and paper, and define who it is you serve. Maybe you are a makeup artist who enjoys working with Brides who are attracted to boho vibes. She wants her wedding morning to be chill, relaxing, and care-free. After you’ve defined your favorite client, you can now design the aesthetic of your Instagram Brand around what your ideal client wants and likes!

STEP 4: Set Photo Guidelines

Designing a perfectly curated Instagram Feed, where every photo matches, including the colors and photo editing, was a dream of mine that I felt was impossible at first! Over the years, I learned that you don’t have to have a perfect Instagram Feed to gain more bookings, but it does need to be attractive.

The goal is to keep the potential client browsing your page, learning about your services, and interested long enough to finally take the next step. When building your online portfolio, you can choose to work with a professional photographer or use your own camera. What’s important is that your photos are cohesive and flow well together. To achieve this, you’ll have to define your photo guidelines, while also considering your brand.

For example, you can choose to post light and airy photos with a clean background, neutral or blush tones, and showcase headshots versus full-body images. If your ideal client is a travel-loving Destination Bride, you may want to use photos that are a mixture of scenic and headshots, as she will be attracted to the scenery. It’s helpful also to define what will NOT be posted. In other words, what are your deal breakers? For example, if a photo is too dark or blurry, you won’t post it because it doesn’t fit within your guidelines.

STEP 5: Get Seen!

You’ve done all the work to build an online presence that you are proud of, you’re putting your best foot forward, and appealing to your ideal client. Now it’s time to get some more eyeballs on your account. The most effective way to gain visibility on Instagram is to take advantage of every searchable aspect. We all know that your Username is searchable, but did you know that the bold portion in your bio, located right under your profile photo, is also searchable? That means you can add specific keywords that your ideal clients would be searching. Use keywords such as your location and the services you provide.

Hashtags are another excellent way to be seen. The most effective hashtags are location specific and the services you provide. You are allowed 30 hashtags per photo you post. Use hashtags for every city, area, and surrounding areas you serve and then also swap out the type of services you provide.

Lastly, you’ll need to post consistently! How often you post is up to you and depends on how quickly you would like to grow. Two to three posts a week is a good starting point. Keep in mind that you are opening your business to more eyes every time you post and use hashtags. If you have a business account, you can use the insights tool to track your statistics and see what times of the day are the best times to post for your specific audience.

Take the time to implement each of these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to converting your Instagram account into a lead generator, while also authentically connecting with your favorite clients!