From Passion to Purpose

an interview with Lonice Stoker


Hi Lonice!

Can you give a bit of your back story?

I’m a wife, mom, graduate of the University of North Texas, and the first entrepreneur in my family. Prior to starting my spa business I worked in retail as a supervisor and climbed my way up with the company to corporate retail, getting my dream job as a fashion buyer. I was then laid off and that’s when Laced by Lonice was born full time in 2015.

What inspired you to start an esthetics business? 

I was a client first. I would get my lashes and waxing services done faithfully and I fell in love with the instant gratification of getting those services done. I’m such a minimalist, so when lash extensions became a trend I became obsessed because I would always wear mascara and would be tired of my mascara running by the end of day. Lash extensions were perfect for my lifestyle to wake up in my makeup! I fell in love with how the lashes made me feel as soon as I opened my eyes and I wanted to do the same for others.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the marketplace. Our industry is a trillion dollar industry, which
means there is room for you, too!

Laced by Lonice offers a wide array of services. How do you decide what to add to your offerings? 

I always attended spa shows all over the world, like the ICES shows, to stay aware of the latest trends and take classes to stay inspired and motivated. Then I go back and do an analysis of my client portfolio to see where some I can possibly add into my business where it makes sense.

Which treatments are most in demand by your clientele?  

Chemical peels, skin tag removal, lash extensions, and hydrafacial.  

What advice would you give estheticians just starting out in their careers?  

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the marketplace. Our industry is a trillion dollar industry, which means there is room for you, too! Attend trade shows and take classes to LEARN as much information as possible. Knowledge is power and it will help you stand apart from others with your education. 

What are your top marketing tips to grow a business? 

Instagram hashtags changed my life and still are eight years later. 90 percent of my clientele still visit my Instagram which is a FREE marketing tool. Consistency is key! Post every day! Go live! Every time I go live I make money or gain a new client! 

Also, take fresh photos for marketing. Every quarter, I have a photo shoot to create new engagement with my audience.  

Networking! Attend events and host events. The more people see your face, the more people will respect you and get to know who you are. Our business is personal, so future clients want to see your personality and see if they can relate to you.  

Be your own walking billboard. If you offer lashes, you should have lashes. If you offer facials, you should get facials. If you offer waxing, get waxed. This is the number one way I gain and keep my clients because I can relate to every single service and organically talk to them about my experience and they can trust me. 

Laced by Lonice is known for luxurious pampering. What is the key to an elevated experience? 

Offering water and wine and spa robe and slippers. Consider a VIP option for clients who frequent your spa so they can save and get a complimentary product or service. Use only premium quality brands of skincare for the best results, give unforgettable massages with facial services that have clients drift away to zen.  

Why are trade shows must-attend events for industry pros? 

I attended my first trade show my first month in esthetics school in 2015 and that was so inspiring to me to see all of products and services available that I had the opportunity of offering once I graduated. I took the classes to learn about the spa industry, the actual business behind a spa, and so many more. I truly believe if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have the success I have because of shows like this. To get to touch and feel some of the products and try them out to see what is best for me and my business was awesome. It is important for the longevity of your career. Who would have thought I’d get the opportunity to be a speaker when I started eight years ago. That means I have made a career out of esthetics – not just a hobby. This is my life and I know trade shows have helped keep my light ignited year after year. The energy is unmatched at the shows!