Extension Retention

Tips for the longest-lasting lashes


Being a lash artist is more than just applying lash extensions. There is a technique, as well as a few important factors. One of the most important factors of lashing is retention. Did you know that one of the biggest reasons a client doesn’t return is because of poor retention? You can create an incredible set of lashes but have bad retention, which will result in you feeling inadequate. You want your clients’ lash extensions to last, only needing a fill every couple of weeks. Are the extensions falling off just days after application?  Or are your clients coming back after three weeks with little to no lashes left? Here are my top retention tips, broken down into five important steps!

Adhesive is attracted to moisture. If you are in a high humidity area, keep that in mind that you need to be quick and get that lash extension onto the natural lash so the adhesive does not dry before getting there.


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Lindy Williams

Lindy Williams is the owner and CEO of EBL Lashes. She started her business out of necessity as a single mom but through continual research, years of experience, and a love for the industry, she has cultivated an award winning product line sought after lash artists worldwide. Lindy balances being a business woman by day and a mom and wife in-between. Passionate about seeing people succeed, EBL provides great products in hopes of making it that much easier for lash artists all over