Express Services

Time-sensitive treatments for busy clients


With everyone’s schedules packed so tightly, most people are aiming to fit as much as possible into each day – including beauty and spa treatments. Which is why so many salons and spas are adding express menus alongside their traditional services. Once considered “add ons,” these swift services now not only hold their own but are preferable for clients who are constantly on-the-go. Plus, express services aren’t just for perpetually busy clients. They also pave the way for additional customers who are on a budget.

So, exactly how is an express service defined? It’s a specifically focused treatment that produces a tangible result and can be completed in under 30 minutes. As an added bonus, most express services cost around $20 or less!

Read on to learn how to incorporate express services into your offerings that will keep clients looking and feeling their best from head to toe!

With everyone’s schedules packed so tightly, the goal is to fit as much as possible into each day – including beauty and spa treatments.

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An invigorating scalp massage with essential oils is a perfect place to start with express services. In no time, clients can feel their worries melting away.


Hair treatments are another way to “take it from the top” and offer many choices. Moisture masks, color gloss enhancers, quick blowouts, and even color streaks are all way to add some extra oomph.


Brow shaping is a true express service. Whether by waxing, threading, or tweezing, shaping the brows according to face shape via brow mapping can improve a client’s overall look in just minutes!


Eye masks are in demand and are real powerhouse products that reveal results right away. They deliver intense hydration, ease puffiness, diminish fine lines, and reduce dark circles, to name only a few benefits.


Express facials with one featured ingredient is a quick way to get the job done. Try Vitamin C or an H2O facial with a water-based serum to address different skin needs, like brightening or hydration. An exfoliating peel for the face is also a great choice, with many easy to use plant-based products available.


Massage is always a popular option, and if you’re in fast mode, focus on targeted muscle groupings (the neck and shoulders, for example). If your client is in the market for smooth skin, you can offer a body polish treatment to cleanse and exfoliate their way to soft skin.



Hand renewal is a fantastic option as a quick service. This can include a massage, cuticle grooming, moisturizing, nail trimming, and a buff for to bring out natural shine. If the client is looking for some color, a mini manicure is the way to go.


A good foot massage can go a long way toward relaxation. Make sure you focus on reflexology and pressure points for a blissful experience. If you happen to notice chipped polish on their toenails, don’t forget to suggest a mini pedicure!

Remember, many clients still enjoy their leisurely treatments, and for them, express services can be successfully marketed as add-ons to make their time at the salon or spa even more luxurious. But for those looking for a quick in and out – or for the most bang for their buck – express services are a wonderful way to attract new clients.