Double Your Product Sales

Boost revenue in no time


Product sales can be a strong source of revenue for any salon or spa – if you know the secrets to successfully closing a sale. Here, we will share how to foster personal connections to grow your skincare product sales.

First, it is important to harness the power of skincare. Did you know 80 percent of client results comes from skincare at home? Home routines are an extension of your treatment room, and clients will want to feel they can recapture the same glow at home as immediately post-treatment.

“During the service, introduce one to two products, which preps the client for a purchase afterward.”

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In-person sales go a long way toward building trust, and being confident as well as a bit firm goes a long way. Remember, you’re the one educated on the subject, so be sure to showcase your expertise. It also helps build the relationship if you refer to the client by name and connect with touch. Provide flexible options to fit every client’s budget and highlight the synergy of product combinations. Make the point that magic happens when clients purchase home care!

During the service, introduce one to two products, which preps the client for a purchase afterward. Too many products disrupts their experience and can be overwhelming. Your recommendations should be based on the client’s specific needs. Everyone loves a tailor-made approach.

After the service, focus on solutions. Don’t get technical – instead, provide a clear regimen that will best solve their skin issues. Recommend five to seven products, highlighting core products but making sure the client knows which ones they must have.

Here’s why you need to send emails. Email marketing is the single best return on investment you can get from your marketing budget. Emails have led to a 65 percent increase in revenue for us from online product sales. Think outside your local blueprint; the global marketplace is yours to conquer! While 40 percent of our orders come from local clients, 10 percent of our product sales come from outside the United States. It’s crucial to “point people to you.” Emails, SMS, and social media channels all link back to your business and are the best way to maximize to product sales.

Shopify makes online retail easy, so if you are in need of a virtual storefront, get busy building your Shopify store. Buy a popular theme that you like, photograph your products (or hire a photographer), and write up your own descriptions – then have ChatGPT make it better! Personalize your storefront as best you can; if you get stuck, you can always YouTube solutions.

Leveraging social media to drive revenue is the next piece of the puzzle. Thirty five percent of all retails sales now come from social media, and of that, seventy four percent is from TikTok. In fact, a significant portion of America is now on TikTok – 41 percent! We have personally found that thirty eight percent of our clients come from social media, with seventy percent of those specifically from TikTok.

TikTok is no longer just dancing, so get to work building your channel, and document what you. Educate people and showcase your treatments, ensuring that you are being consistent. Invest in the essential creation tools: good lighting, a tripod to hold your phone, and a wireless mic at the very least. You don’t need the very latest phone or to shoot in 4k, but a newer model certainly helps!

We got started during the 2020 shutdown which gave us the time to build our web site and get an education every day via social media. All you need to get started TOMORROW is to be the confident, educated, best friend people buy from because they know you care.