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Dazzling Looks

Three makeup looks to stand out this Holiday season


Tis the season to be fully glammed! Let your makeup do the talking this season with one of these three trendy holiday makeup looks. Whether you want your lips to do the talking or your eyes to “shine bright like a diamond,” here are some looks that will for sure rock the room this season.


Starting with the traditional bold red lip and gold satin shimmer eyes, this classic holiday look has always been and will always be, show stopping! Using warm earth tone colors as your halo in your crease, and around the gold shimmer will help to give it a sultry look. You can even go as far as making it a cut crease eye. Applying gold or bronze-like colored eye primers will be your best chance of not only allowing the color to wear for hours on end but for the color to truly show off its pigment and pop!

Red lips are not for the faint of heart. They are bold, they scream confidence, sexy, and are downright classy!

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Red lips are not for the faint of heart. They are bold, they scream confidence, sexy, and are downright classy! So be prepared to own this lip when wearing it. Always prep your lips with a lip scrub first. This should come before your makeup, during your skin prep. Wearing red lipstick, your lips must be in tip-top shape. This will help with feathering, bleeding, and dryness. You will also want to use a lipstick primer. This too will help with the long wear of the lipstick and minimize the feathering and bleeding.

Now, your lip liner of choice. This depends on the look you want to go for, and what color and texture you will choose. You want your lip liner to be a hair darker than your lipstick or the exact color. Having a warmer liner will create contrast and depth to the lips. Wearing the same color liner will help the lipstick itself look more defined and cleaner on the lip.

You can choose to have a satin lip which will be a glossier look or a matte finish which is most popular and tends to last a little longer.

Pro tip: Color your lip liner into your lips prior to the lipstick application to help the lipstick stay on longer.
Once you have done these steps, your look is complete, and you are ready, show stopper!


One of my personal favorites, a black smokey eye! This eye will for sure have you feeling your most fiery self. Like with any look, using a black eye pencil, base, or primer before applying the black eyeshadow of choice will help the eye look stay on and stand out. Another way to make this eye fun and turn it up a notch is to add a little shimmer. Adding deep browns and even a deep red to your crease to play up the “Smokey” will be sure to elevate this look.

This eye has been worn on many occasions, from runways to holiday parties, a night out on the town, and everything in between. There is never a time when black smokey eyes are not a good option. Having defined contoured skin with this eye will give you structured cheekbones and jawline with a light application of blush and bronzer. Soft highlighting will be great. That way no matter which way you turn, you will be radiant.

For the lips here, keep them nude. Something as close to your natural lip color as possible with lots of gloss. This way the eyes are the only focal point on the face.

Now, go set the night on fire!


That’s right! Lips are in, and everyone wants theirs to look beautiful. I mean, it has been said that “sweet is the discourse that cometh from pretty lips,” so make it count!

Having a bold statement lip is what I like to call a knockout. From a deep merlot, burgundy, reds, plums, browns, even nude! Yes, a nude can still be a statement lip when worn correctly. However, in the fall and for holidays, make it fun! When wearing this lip, you should always have a clean complexion application, because again, the lips are the focus.

A nice dewy skin with a generous highlight pair beautifully with a neutral eye with white liner in the inner rim to open the eyes. Think fluffy brow, full lashes, dewy highlighted skin, and a bold deep plum lip. This look was seen at this year’s 2021 Met Gala on a few celebrities in a few variations. An intentional yet stunning look.

Wearing a bold lip also helps when you are in a crunch and do not have a lot of time to spend on makeup. It is a pro tip in fact. Bold lips almost always give the illusion you are wearing more makeup than you are. And everyone cannot stop starring or talking, because let’s face it, your lips are sealed!
With little time left before the holidays are here, be sure to pick up your makeup must-haves to successfully achieve these looks. Which one will you choose?


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