Creating a United Spa Team

How communication can cement or divide a team


In today’s environment, communication and how we communicate has become even more crucial for any business. As leaders in the wellness world, this is your time to shine and do what you do best. Show compassion and support your team. Vanessa Van Edwards, the founder of The Science of People, describes communication as “the bridge between people.” And with fear and uncertainty at an all-time high in today’s world, it’s your duty to remind your staff that they’re not alone and create a safe space for them.

Good communication is the difference between a trusted and respected leader with team members who love to work for them and a leader who is struggling with team morale, motivation, and retention.

Teams have become fractured in the past year. As businesses have been forced to close for unknown periods of time, staff still fear job stability and company viability.

This is where communication can help. When there is a lack of interaction and open discussion, there is an increase in assumption. Inaccurate information can get formulated as truth, so you need to ensure your staff feel valued and respected through effective communication.

Having open, consistent, and compassionate communication with your staff will ensure that they feel valued, appreciated, and in turn, they will love working for you.


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Julie Cass

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