Cleanser 101

The RIGHT cleanser for your skin type!

What’s the most important part of your daily skincare regimen? Most of us would probably pick a favorite serum or moisturizer, something with ingredients like AHA, retinol, or vitamin C. But the truth is that 50% of a successful regimen depends on your type of cleanser and how well you’re cleansing. The reason a lot of people don’t get the results they want from their skin is because they’re not cleansing their skin properly. Taking the time to cleanse thoroughly every day with the right cleanser is the only way to get the best possible results for healthy, balanced skin.

Why You Don’t See Results

The most common mistake for all skin types is the use of a foaming cleanser, which (in most cases) will dry and tighten the outer layer of your skin. Surface dryness acts as a barrier, trapping the oils inside, causing congestion, enlarged pores, and preventing your treatment products from being adequately absorbed into the skin. Even true oily skin can be oily and congested underneath and have a dry, irritated surface which throws the skin off balance. A dry outer layer has an aging effect on the skin as well, making your skin look falsely lined and wrinkled. We call this premature aging.

A cleanser’s only job is to gently sweep away make-up, grime, and sebum, leaving the skin feeling soft, supple, and perfectly prepared to receive your treatment serum and moisturizer.


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Nerida Joy

Nerida Joy chose at an early age to devote her life to understanding and caring for the skin. Her education began in 1978 at Clè Therapy in Sydney, Australia. Nerida’s passion, 42 years of hands-on work, and over 100,000 facials has pushed her to develop the online esthetics training course - The 5 Star Method. Standing on the Brain Trust for NewBeauty magazine and published in hundreds of publications worldwide, she has earned her "Skin Expert" title.