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Tips to get your business started on social media

Social media is 100% how I built my online business, and I had no technical training, experience, or college degree. I graduated from Esthetician school in 2012 and soon after became a Lash Artist. In 2015, I organically grew my following, and my business quickly exploded because I found something unique to share and a way to share it that kept people coming back for more.

I want to tell you something very important, though. The followers don’t matter. What matters is how your business looks as a whole. Are you booked the way you want to be? Do you have sales coming in? Are you consistent with your clients, networking, and sharing? Do you feel proud of your business, and most importantly, do you feel proud of yourself? These things matter most, and the rest will follow.

Social media can feel overwhelming as a Lash Artist, but it doesn’t have to be if you truly come from a place of passion for your business. It can be one of the best things for your business if you’re unafraid and follow the steps I’ve come up with below. Whenever I feel uninspired or unmotivated, I go back to my list, and it gives me direction and guidance. This makes posting and creating much easier!

You don’t need technical training, expensive apps, or a fancy camera. You just need to dig deep, get creative, and share what you love.


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Lorena Ashmore

Lorena Ashmore launched the first lash apparel, shirt subscription, and lifestyle brand called Dear Lash + Love in 2015 and has grown her own social media following organically to 60k by sharing other artists and supporting the lash community. Lorena has become a sought after guest on business blogs and podcasts because of her successful “Lash Boss” branding. She owns a brick and mortar studio in Los Angeles, lashes part-time, and also runs her six-figure e-commerce business along with her podcast called “The Beauty BIz BFFs.”