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Tips to get your business started on social media

Social media is 100% how I built my online business, and I had no technical training, experience, or college degree. I graduated from Esthetician school in 2012 and soon after became a Lash Artist. In 2015, I organically grew my following, and my business quickly exploded because I found something unique to share and a way to share it that kept people coming back for more.

I want to tell you something very important, though. The followers don’t matter. What matters is how your business looks as a whole. Are you booked the way you want to be? Do you have sales coming in? Are you consistent with your clients, networking, and sharing? Do you feel proud of your business, and most importantly, do you feel proud of yourself? These things matter most, and the rest will follow.

Social media can feel overwhelming as a Lash Artist, but it doesn’t have to be if you truly come from a place of passion for your business. It can be one of the best things for your business if you’re unafraid and follow the steps I’ve come up with below. Whenever I feel uninspired or unmotivated, I go back to my list, and it gives me direction and guidance. This makes posting and creating much easier!

You don’t need technical training, expensive apps, or a fancy camera. You just need to dig deep, get creative, and share what you love.

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First, the best advice I could ever give anyone is to START. You don’t need technical training, expensive apps, or a fancy camera. You just need to dig deep, get creative, and share what you love. People are gravitating towards accounts that show personality and brands that are “human”. They want raw, real, and honest with a side of visual stimulation. They want to see the person behind social media and get to know YOU. Here are three things I regularly ask myself that have helped me stay on top of my social media game. Grab a notebook, so you are inspired to do the same!


If you’re not consistent, how can you expect your clients or followers to be? It’s as simple as getting in the routine of posting regularly. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or who’s watching. Post like you’ve got a million people reading and a ton of knowledge to share! You’re in the beauty industry because you love people, and you have clients because people trust you. Take fear off the table and post like you have nothing to lose.


One post a day and three stories on Instagram is a good place to start. I always suggest you tie your stories into your feed post. If, for instance, you are talking about cleaning your lashes, your stories could be a “how-to clean your lashes video” with an explanation of how you do it and how your clients can, too. If you are posting about your staff, why not go deeper and introduce each one in your stories? See how it flows and keeps it consistent. It’s the key to getting people to come back for more.


Your feed is a book cover, and your stories are the juicy behind the scenes. Make sense? You want your feed to be pretty and enticing. You want people to stop and then want to know more. This means pictures with good lighting, product shots, a personal photo of you, or a quote. The one thing I will say over and over again is your pictures should be clear, and there should be a flow to what you are posting.

I’m not saying everything needs to be cookie-cutter because sometimes a raw, unfiltered picture is what people NEED, but overall, your social media should look aesthetically pleasing. You want people to want to read your book, right?

I realize this is easier said than done and, for some, can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you take a good picture? What does this all mean? Back when I first launched my business, I grabbed butcher paper, all of my products and props, and went outside and messed around with my iPhone until I liked what I saw. I was always searching Pinterest for inspiration and wasn’t afraid to fail.

I understand some business owners don’t have that creative side in them, and that’s totally okay! If you are feeling stunted creatively (and even if you’re not), I suggest and encourage you to hire a photographer! This is the best money I have ever spent on my business and its a write-off (which we all need)! My photographer has gotten some amazing shots for my website and social media page. The best part is that I can recycle them over and over again.

I am always my happiest when I get to be creative with her and see the finished product. She has a talent and an eye that I don’t have, but the two of us together create magic. Find someone who likes getting creative with you so they can help you develop a crystal clear vision for your pictures and overall brand. You can do this by searching social media or trading services, but if you have to pay for it…DO IT. It will elevate your business, and people will begin to take notice.


“What do I post about? I have nothing to share!” We are so lucky to have a beauty and lash background, and because of that our brains are stuffed with so many unique tips, tricks and how-tos. I like to arrange my feed with a variety of posts that are informative, fun, and clear.

Informative: Educating and sharing a tip, why you use certain products, a background on you, how to clean your lashes, what ARE lashes and why you need lashes.

Fun: A good lash quote or funny meme works every single time!

Clear: Tell your followers who you are, what you do, and what you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to show YOU!

With these helpful tips, I hope you walk away from this article feeling a little more motivated, a little less afraid, and inspired to improve your business one day at a time through the power of social media. For more lash business tips, you can follow me at @Dearlashlove and listen to my podcast called @Beautybizbffspodcast, where we share the ins and outs of running a beauty business!


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