Brow Lamination

Give your clients the feathery brows of their dreams


Redefining one’s facial features has been all the rage for the last five years. Lash lifts have been the top requested service, but brows are now starting to take center stage by getting a “lift” of their own. Brow lifts, or “brow lamination,” as it’s called in our industry, originated in Russia and has recently made its way to the west. The brow technique trains brow hair to “lift” and head in a vertical direction while also providing the hair to take on a slick high shine and fuller appearance. Brows truly frame the face, so having a consistent brow shape is something that many women desire.

The Perfect Candidate

Brow lamination is perfect for someone who has unruly brows, thinning brows, or brows that naturally curl or curve downward. This can be due to age, illness, medications, diet, or stress. Your clients may notice their brows thinning, or it just may look like they are thinning because the hairs lay on top of each other or in a downward position.

Lash lifts have been the top requested service, but brows are now starting to take center stage by getting a “lift” of their own.

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As we age, brow hairs lose their density, making the hairs “droop” and not stay upright. In fact, starting in your 30’s, your clients may begin using a brow pencil, brow gel, or pomade to fill in some of the brow gaps. This is a sign that they may want to do something more to manage their brows.

To better manage their brows, some women have turned to microblading while others are more skittish on this more permanent procedure. Brow lamination is a great alternative to microblading. It is pain-free, non-invasive, and costs a fraction of the cost of microblading. Also, clients who want to dip their toes into an altered brow shape can give brow lamination a try before a more permanent commitment.

What the Client Wants

When planning the outcome of your clients’ brow shape after brow lamination, talk with your client about arch placement, where the tail should end, and whether they want their brow hairs to take on a fluffy, full effect or smooth, slickly effect. These variables will change the techniques you use in the brow lamination. Brow artists can make the brow appear manicured or wild, and it all depends on the desire of the client and the recommendation from the brow artist. Brow lamination will last 6- 8 weeks with the right aftercare, so it’s important to have these discussions before the procedure begins.

The Process

Once the shape and direction of the brow hairs are determined, the brow artist applies a perming solution, also known as a lifting solution, to the brow hairs and uses a doe tip application to brush and push into the strands. This solution removes the disulphide bonds through a chemical processing so that the hair can start to bend and become flexible.

Once the appropriate time has passed, the brow artist will remove the lifting solution and apply a neutralizing setting solution to the brow hairs with a disposable mascara wand or doe tip applicator. This solution repairs the bonds so that the hair will remain in place. Keep in mind that timing is crucial in this service. One minute short or one minute too much can make or break the brows lifting. The processing time will change depending on the hair type, such as fine, dry and sparse or thick, coarse, and dense.

At this point, the brow artist will comb or smooth the brow hairs into the desired place, either vertical or angled out. If the brow artist uses the mascara wand in this step, the brows will be fluffy. If the brow artist uses the doe tip applicator, the brow hair will have a smooth and flatter finish. Once the processing time has completed for the setting solution, the brow artist can move forward with tinting and shaping the brow.


The key to brow lamination longevity is what the client does post service. It is crucial for them not to get the brows wet for 24 hours or be in humidity. It is also important that the client sleeps on their back and not face down as the brow hairs can be altered the first 24 hours. The results can last up to six weeks.

Brow lamination provides instant gratification for the client as well as for the brow artist. This service pairs well with lash lift and tint services and can be completed by alternating between the brows and lashes. Not only does this keep the service provider super busy, but by the end of the hour, the brows and lashes will be lifted, tinted, and transformed, leaving you with a very happy client!