Brow Artist Trends

Five Eyebrow Trends to Try This Month

Waxing, tweezing, threading and shaving the brows are no longer just afterthoughts on a spa menu. They have become an artistic force to be reckoned with; a stand-alone source of income for Brow Artists around the world. Isn’t that the beauty of the beauty industry?! You can turn your passion for something as common as eyebrows into a six-figure salary! But, the world of the brow artist isn’t as mundane as brush, wax, tweeze, repeat. Every season, new methods and trends infiltrate the brow community, often taking Instagram by storm. Staying on top of these trends is vital to the success of any brow artist. Here are five brow trends to practice this month:

Waxing, tweezing, threading and shaving the brows are no longer just afterthoughts on a spa menu.

1. Faux Microblading

Microblading has taken the permanent makeup world by storm. Most brow artists have “microblading certification” at the top of their goals list for 2019. Clients’ Instagram feeds are filled with impressive before and afters, and the look of crisp, clean hair strokes has become a craze. In fact, the “look” of microblading has become a trend just as much as the actual treatment is! Clients today are looking for those crisp, individual hair strokes without the blades and permanent nature of the service. How can this be accomplished?

Many makeup brands are answering this question with double tipped brow pens and pencil, creating two individual hair strokes with one swipe and mimicking the look of microbladed brows. This can also be accomplished with pigmented brow pomades and a fine angled brush. The goal is to create the look of microblading without the invasive procedure, and the hefty cost! Although not permanent, clients can give the impression they spend hundreds on permanent brows.

This treatment is great for those clients with sparse hairs and little natural shape to their brows. Use a similar marking technique to map out a shape, and draw hair-like stroked throughout the brow in crisscrossing and alternating directions just like you would with microblading.

2. Soap Brows

If you haven’t seen this trend on Instagram or YouTube, the name itself might shock you. But, this trend is really simple and quite effective! For clients with thick, unruly hairs or limp and thin hairs that crave the look of stick straight, stand up brow hairs, a dry bar of clear soap is just the thing you need!

Stick straight brows have been grazing editorial covers for the last year, and clients are now asking specifically for this look. But, sometimes brow gel just simply isn’t strong enough to keep brows standing upwards without sagging to the side and laying in their natural resting position. In fact, applying too much brow gel while trying to achieve this look can actually have the opposite effect, weighing down the brows even more.

The trick to accomplishing this look is finding an organic, fragrance-free clear bar of soap. Health food stores and farmers markets are often the best place to look. After shaping your client’s brows with wax, tweezers or your preferred method, wet a clean spooly brush and rub it against the soap, coating the brush entirely and creating a small amount of foam. You don’t want it to be wet, just a little damp so the soap isn’t hard. Next, slowly and with some pressure, run the brush through the clients brows, starting at the front for maximum impact. Brush the client’s brows directly upwards through the length of the brow so all the individual hairs are standing straight up. Once the soap dries in the brows, it will have a strong hold and keep those hairs in place!

The final step is to use a thin brow pencil or angled brush with pomade to create hair like strokes and fill in any sparse areas. Your client will have straight brows fit for any editorial shoot for the rest of the day!

3. Brow Straightening

For a more permanent option for clients seeking the straight brow look, this brow straightening treatment is similar to a lash lift. Using a perming solution, you can lift the brow hairs into your desired direction. This treatment is especially great for those with wiry hairs, or hairs that grow in outwards or downward directions.

Often called a “brow straightening treatment” or “brow lift” (not to be confused with a surgical brow lift!), this treatment involves a two-step solution process. First, cleanse the client’s brows to remove any trace of makeup or oil. Comb through the brows and apply the perming solution over the brow. After two minutes (depending on manufacturer instructions), use a fine brow comb to place the brows in the desired position. Repeat this step every two minutes until the perming solution has been on for the total time recommended by the manufacturer.

Remove the perming solution and apply the neutralizer. Once the process is complete, this is a great time to tint the brows!

There are a few brow perming kits available on the market, however some lash lift manufacturers can recommend ways to use their product on the brows. This service is not for everyone, but for some clients it’s just what they need!

4. Henna Brows

When tinting eyebrows, what often leaves the biggest impact, especially on clients who already have dark brows, is the way the dye temporarily stains the skin and creates the look of filled-in brows. Clients love that there isn’t any makeup in the brow and it already looks fuller! However, traditional brow tints are not meant to stain the skin, and often wash away after one or two showers. Clients are left with tinted brow hairs, but without the look of filled in brows.

Brow henna is an alternative tinting option that can stain the skin for a longer period of time, releasing clients from the burden of penciling in their brows every morning.

However, don’t go out and purchase any henna solution and take it straight to the brows! Henna formulations made especially for the brows are taking the market by storm, producing a wide range of reliable colors. Look for a brand with great education and a solid color range to start tinting clients’ brows!

5. Ombre Brows

This final trend can be replicated with almost any medium: pencil, powder, gel, pomade, tint or henna. The goal of this look is to create an ombre effect, or a smooth transition from light to dark moving from the inner corner of the brow to the outer tail, getting darker as you reach the end of the brow. This look is great for any skin tone and brow color, as it creates a natural lift. Too much color at the start of the brow can create a heavy, dragged-down look.

Ombre brows can even be created with permanent makeup, such as microblading, for a more natural look. Practice this trend on clients seeking a lighter appearance, or mature clients looking to open and lift the eye.