Bikini Ready

Share these hair removal tips with your clients this Summer


Bikini season is right around the corner, and Brazilian sugaring and waxing are the most sought-after service by clients. It’s our job as estheticians to help our clients look and feel their best when the sun comes out. But it’s not just up to us—a smooth epilation, via sugaring or waxing, also depends on how well our clients care for their skin before and after appointments. While we can’t control what happens outside of the treatment room, we can do our best to share the tips and tricks that make us so good at what we do (and keeps our clients coming back for more).

Whether you’re an avid waxer or you’ve dipped your toes into the world of sugaring, the rules for pre-and post-hair removal remain the same. And when it comes to your clients, it’s all about maintaining consistency, providing education, delivering results, and building trust. Don’t know where to start? Offer up these tried-and-true hair removal tips next time your clients need a refresher on how to get silky smooth skin before hitting the beach.

When it comes to your clients, it’s all about maintaining consistency, providing education, delivering results, and building trust.


Practice good personal hygiene. It’s important for clients to bathe and freshen up before they arrive, so their skin is clean for their wax or sugaring sesh. They should hold off on the skincare routine, though—it’s best to refrain from applying lotions, creams, tanning products, or even deodorant before your appointment.

Let it grow out. We know it can be challenging for clients to let their hair grow out in between treatments. After all, the goal is to get rid of their hair, not let it grow wild. No matter how uncomfortable it might be, clients who get waxed or sugared regularly should allow their hair to grow out for a couple of weeks. If they have been shaving between appointments, they’ll need to let their hair grow a minimum of 1/16 inch for sugaring or ¼ inch for waxing to get the best results.

Exfoliate. If there’s a golden rule of hair removal, exfoliating daily is a must. Clients should gently scrub the area with clean machine washable exfoliating gloves, gentle sugar scrubs, or a chemical exfoliant containing AHA to slough off dead skin and keep the follicles clear as the hair grows back. As a general rule, it is best to stay away from coarse scrubs (they can cause irritation), washcloths (those don’t do enough), and poof ball loofahs (which are known for harboring bacteria and infecting pores). When done correctly, exfoliating helps to remove dead skin and preps the area for even hair removal.

Stay calm, cool, and hydrated. It’s only natural that some clients will be anxious before their treatment, so it’s always a good idea to have them wear comfy clothes and drink plenty of water. They should also try to stay cool, so make sure they haven’t been to the tanning bed, hot tub, or sauna before their appointment. If they are worried about pain, it’s perfectly fine for them to take a couple of Advil or ibuprofen 20 minutes before they arrive.


Soothe the skin. Everyone reacts differently to waxing and sugaring, so some clients might experience more pain than others. For clients with heightened sensitivity, recommend a cold compress to soothe the skin, and aloe-based soothing serum or hydrocortisone cream (for extreme situations) to reduce redness and irritation.

Avoid heat. One of the most important things clients should keep in mind after hair removal is to avoid heat for at least 48 hours after their appointment. This means no tanning, sunbathing, hot tubbing, or using a sauna, as heat and sun exposure can burn and irritate the newly exposed skin. To avoid further sensitivity, they should also refrain from taking a hot bath or exercising for two hours after their treatment.

Keep the area clean. Waxing and sugaring cause temporary enlargement of hair follicles, which can allow bacteria to permeate the skin. Clients should do their best to keep the area clean (without scrubbing it too much) to prevent infections. Sometimes infections do happen, and in that case, clients should have a doctor evaluate the problem as soon as possible.

Be diligent about maintenance. You should offer a selection of exfoliating serums, ingrown hair balms, and mild sugar scrubs to help your clients maintain their results, treat breakouts, and eliminate ingrown hair and dry skin. When in doubt, sugar (or wax), wait, exfoliate, repeat!

Send your clients home with literature or a post-treatment email to get them on the right track. By educating your clients and providing quality botanical-based home care products, you’ll ensure they maintain their smooth results between appointments and get the most out of every treatment.