Bian Shi Stone Therapy

The earliest and most effective healing stone in Chinese Medicine


Bian Shi Stone treatment is an ancient Chinese Technique that is used for dredges the human body channels. It helps to improve microcirculation, eliminates heat and also helps with poison in human body. Bian Shi stone is also called the mother of the modern Acupuncture. Bian Shi stone healing was the most important tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which with time was lost to the scarcity of good stones.

Bian Shi Stone is still considered very rare as it can be found in Sibin, China. It has a remarkable and toxicity free therapeutic effect.The Stone is capable to cure diseases, depending on its nature. It can be used safely in all treatments and sports injuries.

People with robust and good constitution can also wear Bian Shi stone as a necklace or massage to maintain and enhance their health.

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Stone Vein/Texture: These stones are formed by pieces of meteorite, when they crash into the ground. This stone vein is also called Stone Root, which is formed in the scissors shaped micro faults of different geological eras. Bian Shi stones possess veins caused by faults, which helps the stone to absorb more energy.

Chemical Structure of Bian Shi Stone: The chemical compound of these stones are members of carbonate, characterized by an amazing texture and very low impurities of debris. It has more than 90% of calcite and small percent of pyrite. The stone is dark gray and slight yellow. When you polish a Bian Shi stone, it becomes darker.


Respiratory Problems: There is a necklace that you wear directly in your thoracic area that will improve the pathway. It also helps with the air obstruction, bronchial, which makes your breathing easier.

Gastric: By rubbing the stone into the gastric area, it will generate an infrared pulsation that will make the digestion process faster and food assimilation easier. This helps with the immunity system.

Constipation: It can improve the digestive system and help with your bowel movement.

Cardiac: It helps to provide good quality of blood flow to the heart and make the heart muscle stronger.

Obesity: It helps with burn up body fat and cholesterol.

Facial Tension: It relieves tired eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, watery eyes, double vision, neck and back pain by rubbing and massaging the stone into the problem areas.

Arthritis: The stone will help the blood circulation and repair of cells and cartilage that is very important to the function.

Diabetic: Bian Shi helps to regulate your sugar levels.

People with robust and good constitution can also wear Bian Shi stone as a necklace or massage to maintain and enhance their health. In TCM, doctors recommend that people should try to keep this in their daily life routine. Bian Shi stone also helps with the stimulation of your QI, which is your body energy balance.

For a massage, you can scrape or rubbed the stone around your back or neck for better stimulation of the organs and releasing tension. There are a variety of method, including the sense method of approaching which includes contact directly with the stone.The pressing method has to be steady and firm. The rolling method is to stimulate your main collateral channels. The scrubbing method is to provide friction on the skin and stronger stimulation through the organs.

With the prick method, we use an apex of the cone of the Bian Shi or the tail, which stimulates the acupressure points. The stroke method relies on how to handle the stone and the force that is being used towards the body. Faster strokes has better effect in removing the toxins out of your system, while slow strokes are better in dredging the meridians.

The tapping method is effective in eliminating fatigue, strong physical activity, specifically those exercising daily. The twisting method increases the degree of stimulations and wellbeing. The spinning method is more intense, than the rubbing. It helps to revitalize the vital energy or circulation. The vibration method, combined with pressing and pricking, allows you to achieve better results and benefits to the inner organs, including the intestines.

The pulling is a quick and fast form of reducing the pressure of the peripheral zones. The warm method implies warming the stone and placing it in the treated area, to release and generates energy. The cold method is to eliminate toxins in the body. It also helps to release water tension accumulated by the used of medications and reduces puffiness.

The listening method increases attention and helps with mental illness. Such as phobias, insomnia, melancholia and others. By listening, it helps to promote blood flow between the ear and the brain. The beating method is one to help you with your inner emotions and fears.


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