Become a Master Extractor

The Secret to Clearing Pores

To extract or not to extract, that is the question. Extractions were once thought to be mandatory in a facial if the skin presented comedones, milia, or blemishes. However, more and more skin care experts are questioning whether they should be performed at all. Although improperly performed extractions can cause temporary bruising and permanent scarring, if properly executed, extractions can be very beneficial in clearing comedones.

Over the years, there have been many apparatus and products designed specifically to expel comedones from the skin. Manual extraction, metal extractors, suction machines, lancets, liposolvent product formulations and adhesive styled strips are some of the methods developed for both comedone and blemish removal. With any of the methods mentioned above, proper technique is imperative to avoid skin damage.

Become A Master Extractor

The unfortunate reality is that it takes practice to master the art of extractions, and many aestheticians can recall those days in school learning to extract, causing both pain and damage to our classmates and allowing them to return the favor when they practiced on us. Many, however, became masters at the art of extraction and developed a large facial clientele for their services. Some dermatologists offer these services in their practice, but they are not covered under most medical plans. The patient is left to pay the full amount of the service, which is normally more costly than visiting an esthetician.

A deep cleansing facial should always include comedone and blemish extraction.


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Cristina Beecham

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