Beauty Consciousness

Practicing Self-Love Through Beauty


What is Beauty Consciousness?

It is a different way of looking at beauty. There are different levels of beauty consciousness based on personal experiences and beliefs. When living with a lower level of this consciousness one may experience vanity, self-obsession, self-loathing or superficiality (to name a few). The highest level of beauty consciousness is the embodiment of self-acceptance, authenticity and love of self and all others: true beauty.

Lower Levels of Beauty Consciousness

My first understanding of what beauty was developed when I liked a boy in the 3rd grade who teased me for some of my physical features. That experience imprinted in me a belief that there was something wrong with me, that I had undesirable features that made me unlikable. I was programmed to believe that there was a direct correlation between my appearance and my likability and worth. This experience then evolved into how I saw and treated others based on their physicality.

Comparing and judging has dissipated into a desire to see myself and others in a new light, with admiration and inspiration.

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These early experiences transformed into a habit of constantly comparing myself to others, especially the perfect women I saw in magazines and on tv. I would match up body parts with my sisters and friends in the mirror to scrutinize and criticize our differences or “flaws” which led to unhealthy eating patterns and body dysmorphia. Experiences I shared with many.

As I moved into high school, I learned that being different was a death sentence and beauty equals power. My experience with beauty during this time was based on the “positive” attention I received from boys. This recognition of being desirable was addictive, and it developed into my identity and my foundation in relationships. Being beautiful was my validity in the world and I used whatever tools (makeup, fashion) and techniques (sex) I learned from my peers and media to portray an illusion of beauty.

This false sense of self-manifested into toxic and superficial relationships (especially with myself), self-destructive behaviors and feeling lost and conflicted in my career and purpose. I lived at this low level of beauty consciousness well into adulthood. This developed into a fear of aging which I equated to losing my identity and desirability.

It became clear over the course of my work in the beauty industry that I was not alone with these fears and illusions. Most of my friends, family, clients and colleagues were also never fully accepting of themselves or others. Always judging, always comparing and never able to accept a compliment. No matter how much we invested in our appearance, we would never be good enough.

This epiphany led me to seek understanding for the reason why, like myself, so many people were unable to accept themselves. I was led to a book called The Gene Keys, an encyclopedia of human genetics. Author Richard Rudd defines beauty as the highest expression of a human gene which is only achieved by transcending through the lower frequency of the same gene.

This “shadow level” of beauty put to words my experience and my realization of others’ experiences with self reflection; defining it as “keeping the entire planet living at a low level of frequency – it is like a blanket thrown across our civilization. That is our chief problem. Human beings do not generally accept themselves, and when you convert entropy into human feeling it becomes a kind of deep numbness or sense of gloom.” This low level of frequency was how I had been living and was the discontent I saw and felt all around me.

Understanding and owning my state of low-leveled beauty consciousness was my first step towards transcendence. I realized that the choices I made (shopping, treatments, relationships, diet, exercise, home) while operating at this state of mind were made from my shadow. My decisions were based on fear and a desire to be something and someone other than my authentic self. If I continued on this path, I would never be happy, no matter how “beautiful” I may have appeared.


Once I accepted and embraced this understanding, I started to dive deeply into self-discovery teachings. I read, meditated, and spent countless hours in invaluable workshops and journaling. I invested in Reiki, Human Design readings and other healing services. I learned about my gifts, my true nature and my true desires. I found new role models who were physically beautiful, self-accepting, full of love and light and embodied authenticity. My Highest Self began to take form in my mind. What she looked like, acted like and felt like. From doing this work, I upleveled to a higher frequency of beauty consciousness.

Practicing this level of thinking is just that, a practice, but the more I see myself and others as intricate, authentic beings, the more joy and fulfillment I get out of my work and my own self expression. Comparing and judging has dissipated into a desire to see myself and others in a new light, with admiration and inspiration.

When operating from level of consciousness, I make decisions based on whether it is in alignment with my authenticity and my Higher Self. If it is, then I am happy and truly accepting of my choice. The sky’s the limit when it comes to self-expressive choices. As long as the choice is in alignment with your authenticity and comes from a positive place rather than from fear, competition, etc., you are vibrating at this high frequency of beauty consciousness and you will transcend to exquisiteness.

Exquisiteness is the divine essence that shines through an individual. “In this superlative state of bliss, you fall in love with your own pristine manifestation because it is through this uniqueness that the divine currents can be accessed. Exquisiteness hints at a beauty that is beyond all words. You shine like a diamond in the heart of creation and wherever you look, you see other diamonds in various states of clarity, each one unique and each one exquisite and incomparable.” – Richard Rudd

This is the level of Beauty Consciousness that I wish upon all of humanity and the essence of my work; not only with my clients but within myself. It is at this level, that we can make beauty fun again – using it as an expression and an outlet for self love. I now feel a deep sense of purpose and responsibility in my work as an esthetician and reiki practitioner because I am able to see my clients in a way they might not have been able to see themselves.

Imagine what could happen if we altered the trajectory of the human self-discovery experience through the awakening and transcendence of beauty consciousness. What could we create and become if we are not held back by limiting beliefs? There is perhaps no greater time than now, especially for our youth, to embrace and embody our full exquisiteness and if this article has resonated with you, you are well on your way.

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