Beauty Consciousness

Practicing Self-Love Through Beauty


What is Beauty Consciousness?

It is a different way of looking at beauty. There are different levels of beauty consciousness based on personal experiences and beliefs. When living with a lower level of this consciousness one may experience vanity, self-obsession, self-loathing or superficiality (to name a few). The highest level of beauty consciousness is the embodiment of self-acceptance, authenticity and love of self and all others: true beauty.

Lower Levels of Beauty Consciousness

My first understanding of what beauty was developed when I liked a boy in the 3rd grade who teased me for some of my physical features. That experience imprinted in me a belief that there was something wrong with me, that I had undesirable features that made me unlikable. I was programmed to believe that there was a direct correlation between my appearance and my likability and worth. This experience then evolved into how I saw and treated others based on their physicality.

Comparing and judging has dissipated into a desire to see myself and others in a new light, with admiration and inspiration.


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Ashley Sachs

Ashley Sachs is a master networker, collaborating with healers, teachers, salons, spas and other health and wellness studios and practices. She uses her platform, Awakened Beauty to guide her community through writing and the promotion of personal development and healing by connecting client to practitioner and facilitating workshops, events and retreats. Her area of expertise is Beauty Consciousness and she infuses it into her private practice as a Licensed Esthetician and Reiki Practitioner located in Southeastern Chester County, PA.