An Esty’s First Year Journey: May

This month, Sofia answers YOUR questions!

1. How do you know if a job you’re considering is the right fit for you?

After working and training in certain salons, there are a lot of different aspects I consider when finding a job that is fit for me. First, I always make sure I can get along with everyone in the workspace. Second, ensure that you always have enough space to work with and that the space you are given is clean and hygienic. This is to ensure your client feels comfortable and you are comfortable working long hours. Lastly, find a place that allows you to work within your comfort zone. Some may try to get you to add on services that you may not feel comfortable performing or that we legally cannot perform. Never feel forced to accomplish something if you know you can’t or haven’t reached that certain skill set.

2. Would you recommend commission or hourly pay for an esthetician’s first job?

It really depends. Some salons and spas pay hourly and for some, that hourly rate may not be enough. However, I have seen that if you calculate the commission you would receive, it isn’t enough either. My recommendation is to give yourself options. Find spaces that would be a good fit for you and then calculate both the hourly and the commission rate to see which would work better for you. 

Find a place that allows you to work within your comfort zone. Never feel forced to accomplish something if you know you can’t or haven’t reached that certain skill set.

3. Do you think it’s better to work toward a specialty, like brows or lashes, rather than offer a full-service menu?

I think it truly depends on the person. I don’t think one option is inherently more successful because sometimes those who only work within their specialties make so much more than a full-service esthetician. If you are more skilled and efficient in a specialty like lashes, I would say focus more on that area of expertise and take advantage of it as much as you can. If you truly love doing all services and you are equally skilled in all aspects, work as a full-service esthetician. 

4. Do esthetics schools offer help with job placement?

Most of them 100 percent do. My school actually calls me every once in a while, offering job fairs and positions. A lot of spas and practices work with these schools, so once someone graduates, they have a list of potential hires. 

5. What direction do you see the esthetics industry moving in?

I think it depends on which part of the world you’re in. For example, there are different climates affecting skin type and there’s different beauty standards almost everywhere. But here in the United States, mainly Miami, we will make more advancements in anti-aging. Whether technological or chemical advancements, I’ve noticed, especially on social media, that anti-aging is becoming more and more popular.  

6. If I’m interested in an esthetics career, what’s a good way to gain more insight into the field?

Attend trade shows that showcase every aspect of esthetics! These are incredible learning and networking opportunities where you will make connections and get updated on the latest innovations in the field. There are two ICES shows left this year, Long Beach in August and Miami Beach in October. Don’t miss out!

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