An Esty’s First Year Journey: April

This month, we discuss how worlds collide
with Sofia’s two areas of study: esthetics and nursing.

Sofia, you are studying both esthetics and nursing. Where have you found these two industries overlap the most?

I have found that esthetics and nursing overlap the most in dermatologist’s offices, hospitals, and/or medical spas. 

How has your esthetics training helped your understanding of nursing – and vice versa? 

I have been studying medicine since high school because of the magnet program I was in. So because I have been studying medicine for so long, learning the anatomy and physiology of the skin was easier. Working in esthetics, I learn communication skills with my clients that I can apply to nursing as well. 

Because I have been studying medicine for so long, learning the anatomy and physiology of the skin was easier.

In what ways do you see esthetics and nursing merging closer together as technology evolves? 

I feel that as technology evolves, we can come up with more advanced treatments. For example, more advanced forms of laser treatments having to with skin or hair. I can’t perform many of these treatments without a nursing degree because they require extensive background knowledge and scientific research. Perhaps there could also be 3D technology to assist in facials as there already is with nails and lashes. 

What are the advantages of an esthetics career with a nursing background?  

With a nursing background, I can do more advanced facialsm such as the Platelet-Rich Plasma facial. That’s where your own blood is taken and the plasma obtained from it is infused into your skin. I could also offer IV treatments for those who may need it. In certain states, you can perform injections such as fillers with a nursing degree. 

Ultimately, how do you plan to apply your nursing degree to a career in esthetics? 

My goal is to run a medical spa where I can provide advanced facials and potentially injections. I’m still determining how much I truly want to do injections but, I feel like as I get deeper into my nursing degree, I can finalize that decision.