2020 Brow Trends

Brows have played a major role in fashion and beauty trends over the last several years. From ultra thin 90s brows to more recent very defined, very dark and very bold brows, these facial frame shapers can range from barely there to bold and beautiful. Just like fashion trends, brow trends shift. Let’s take a look at the coming year’s brow trends for 2020.


It’s clear that the fashionable brow is shifting from dark and bold to a softer, less overly defined look. How will the current brown trend transform over the year?

Just like fashion trends, brow trends shift.

It may start to drift away from the heavy look of microblading and become more transparent. “We have had the dark, highly emphasized brow for several years, but now we are starting to see more skin show through the brow hairs. Brushing the brows up, above the natural line, also allows more skin to show through. You can see this highlighted with the soap brow trend. You should be seeing this look spill over into 2020. But not everyone’s brows are naturally long enough to achieve this feathery, brushed up look. And many older women feel it looks a bit too messy.” Jeschonek tells us.

You may have seen “brow lamination” popping up on your Instagram feed. This trending treatment affirms that fluffy, brushed up brows are definitely taking center stage this year.


One trend that has kept its strength over the past few years is the very full brow. Although brows will still be full, Jeschonek feels that brows may slim down just a bit. “A full brow equals youth, but starting in 2020 I have a feeling we may be headed for a slightly slimmer brow over the next few years. We won’t be diving back into the super slim brow of the 90’s, but brows may no longer be ultra-full.”

Instead of over-lining and over-drawing your clients’ brows after a wax, encourage them to start embracing their natural density. It’s so on trend!


Another thing to take note of is texture. “Brows have been a bit fluffy as of late, which goes hand in hand with the brushed up brow trend. Adding texture and a wispy quality to the hairs with gels and soap should also continue to be on point.” Jeschonek notes. “Once again, with texture, you are seeing more skin breaking through. So a dark, heavy brow will be less desirable.”

A darker brow makes it more difficult to see hair texture. Encourage clients who regularly tint their brows to a deeper shade to embrace their natural huge and opt for a more undone, textured look.


You will also see highlighting of the brow hairs with gel or gloss. “Using a brow gel that adds gloss and sheen to the hairs, so light is reflected, will be big in 2020.” Opaque, shaded-in brows are being replaced with more see-through glossy face framers.


And what about brow color for 2020? “Brows could begin to be a little less matchy-matchy with your hair color. In fact, using a powder or pencil that is lighter than your brows may be the next trend. Once again this ties back into the fluffier, more transparent brow.”

So to wrap it up, according to Pamela Jeschonek, Founder of EyebrowMBA here is what to watch for in 2020 Brow Trends:

1. Softer and less dramatic
2. Skin showing through the brow hairs
3. Texture added using brow gels and soap
4. Adding light reflecting gel to the hairs
5. Not quite as ultra-full
6. Brow color may be lighter than hair color

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