Youth is Power

Meet skincare’s youngest audience yet 


For many years, people began their skincare journeys as teenagers, at the very earliest. Now, the demand for services and products is skewing younger and younger. In fact, according to a recent survey, tweens – those between ages 9 and 12 – account for 49 percent of industry growth.  

There are many benefits to catering to this younger demographic. Most notably, as more and more tweens start utilizing skincare, lifelong clients are being created. Here are my top tips for catering to the tween market.  

There isn’t a “too young” to start learning about skincare basics, but around 10 to 12 is ideal to start a more focused routine as they head into their teen years.

1. Pay attention to the youngest members of your client pool. 

I’ve seen a rise in skincare interest from kids as young as 10 to 12. They’re beginning to notice changes in their skin and want to learn how to handle them. There isn’t a “too young” to start learning about skincare basics, but around 10 to 12 is ideal to start a more focused routine as they head into their teen years. 

2. Learn the treatments they want. 

Tweens often go for fun treatments like basic facials or sessions that teach them about keeping their skin clean. They’re also keen on treatments for early acne if that’s starting to pop up. They like feeling pampered but also want to learn how to take care of their skin. 

3. Identify their favorite products.

They love products that are fun to use and look cool, but need to be educated on not using skincare that not right for them. Think gentle cleansers, light moisturizers, and cute lip balms. Products made with natural ingredients and seen as trendy are usually a hit. 

4. Get their parents on board. 

Educating parents about the benefits of each service or product works wonders. Offering consultations where both the client and their parent can join helps everyone get on the same page. It’s all about making informed choices together. 

5. Share your knowledge at their level. 

Keep it fun and visual. I use simple explanations, fun comparisons, and hands-on demos to show them how to use products right. The key is to make it interactive and not just give out rules. 

6. Adjust your marketing to find clients. 

Use bright, catchy visuals and create content for platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Working with influencers they look up to or their peers can really grab their attention. Focus on promoting skin health rather than just beauty. 

7. Know what to avoid. 

Stay away from harsh treatments like chemical peels or products with strong ingredients like heavy acids or retinoids. These can be too much for their sensitive skin. Always choose gentle, skin-friendly options. 

8. Find the best ways to work with tweens. 

Focus on teaching and being gentle. Make your space welcoming and fun, and always show respect. The goal is to teach them how to care for their skin properly, not just treat them once. 

As an esthetician, connecting with tweens means meeting them where they are, keeping things light and educational, and making sure their parents are comfortable and clued in every step of  the way. 

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