Website Design 101

Everything you need to create a functional and appealing website

Every successful business has a beautiful and functional website. How can you achieve one? If you currently have one, then you know creating a website can be overwhelming. Focusing on key points then taking it one step at a time will feel less stressful. Here’s your guide to everything your spa website needs to make it simple.

The Home Page 

This is the first place potential clients will land on when they type in your website’s URL. This is one of the most important parts of your website and will leave a lasting first impression. Here you can establish your specific brand and business. Having a quality photo of your work spa is a great option here to set the tone and invite them in. This also means making sure not to overwhelm visitors with 10 popups. I would keep it to one or two at the maximum.


Having a Header Menu and Footer on each page of your website is so crucial. When building and designing your site, make it a point to keep the viewer in mind – always! They will want things visible and accessible, so a little hand holding is necessary.

In your Header, or a drop-down menu, list and link other pages of your site for easy navigation. Great examples of this will be call to actions like Services or Shop. If someone is confused on navigating your through site, they will leave and you can lose that potential client. These options also work great in a Footer, and having this information in both will be set you up for success.

The Treatment Menu

The heart of any spa is the treatment menu. Make sure to list all services neatly. If you provide different types of services, categorize them. This way, visitors know exactly where to go for what they are looking for. Make sure to list a brief description and duration of time and price to answer all of their potential questions.

“First impressions are everything, especially in the world of beauty.

Here’s a checklist of everything your business website needs.”


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Marconi Rodas

Licensed Esthetician and owner of Marconi Castle Skincare, Marconi Rodas has become one of Boston’s most sought after facialists. Since his arrival in the industry, his reputation as a skincare expert has exploded - landing his hands on Hollywood’s top actresses. With training in countries like France and Australia, Marconi has designed his treatments to stand out in a world of enhancements and quick fixes, inspired by his own skin struggles.