The Waterfall Facial

A fantastic free-flowing treatment 

The Waterfall Facial is an exclusive facial for several reasons. In order the perform it, estheticians must be certified in the manual lymphatic drainage technique of Dr. Emil Vodder, a native of Denmark and the creator of this highly sought after set of movements that deliver real change in the body. According to the Cecily Braden training manual for the Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Intensive Hands-On Training Program, MLD stands as a recognized and wellresearched therapeutic technique worldwide. It is employed not only in medical settings, but also in wellness centers, addressing diverse health and skincare issues by stimulating lymphatic flow and promoting overall well-being.”  

The MLD Intensive Hands-On Method, when administered by the right hands, is so magical I had to curate a service around this modality.

At my spa, Skintegrity, the Waterfall Facial offers everything featured in our Classic facial (cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage), but in lieu of a mask, the esthetician performs roughly thirty minutes of MLD. This allows for the full Dr. Vodder method of face, neck, and shoulders with twenty-five movements, all delivered with light, alternating pressure for stretch and non-stretch movements that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and allows the body to enter deep relaxation for increased healing.  Each movement is performed five times in a series of three for a consistently rhythmic service that improves the following conditions: acne, rosacea, TMJ, chronic sinus infections, headaches, inflammation, puffy eyes, scars and burns.  

For mamas-to-be, this has incredible benefits once you are through the first trimester. In the  second and third trimesters, MLD safely activates the lymphatic and venous systems to move blood pressure away from the uterus, helping to relieve bloating, discomfort, and pain.  As pregnancy progresses, circulation patterns change which leads to swelling caused by retention of sodium and water placing pressure on the inferior vena cava.  MLD supports not only the circulatory system, but also the immune and digestive systems, which all could use extra support during pregnancy.  MLD helps balance hormones and may help reduce mood swings, while increasing absorption of nutrients on a cellular level, transporting toxic waste away from the uterus, maintaining a healthy internal environment for baby, and minimizing the possibility for viral infections by distributing immune cells throughout the body.  In the fourth trimester, breast care can be a great challenge.  MLD can help normalize milk flow, prevent mastitis, cleanse breast tissue for improved flow of fluids and provide relief for swollen and tender breasts.   

A fantastic free-flowing treatmentAt Skintegrity, we use medical grade products, so that skin will benefit from ingredients that provide change in the skin. Medical grade skincare is tested rigorously before approval from the FDA for the medical grade classification and we partner with some of the most respected medical grade brands in the industry. No matter which skin condition or skin type you have, 80 percent of the work is done at home with a skincare regimen used morning and night, while the other 20 percent of the work will occur by the esthetician in the treatment room with professional services.  Anyone suffering from stress, headaches, rosacea, acne, TMJ, puffy eyes, chronic sinus infections, or those in later stage pregnancy and postpartum, will benefit from this service and MLD in general. 

The MLD Intensive Hands-On Method, when administered by the right hands, is so magical I had to curate a service around this modality. Enter the Waterfall Facial, named to highlight the purpose of MLD: improving the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body to reduce swelling, inflammation, congestion, and stagnation.  Think of a waterfall, flowing strong and without restriction. That is the point of this service – to assist the lymphatic system by increasing the rate of flow and remove restriction so the system acts like a waterfall, flowing and free of stagnation.