The Rise of Reiki

A relaxing, restorative treatment


Reiki first appeared in Japan in the 1900s, created as a method to boost healing powers. Since then, it’s made its way West, finding its way to spas as a relaxing and restorative treatment. With many believing our daily stress level is at an all-time high, Reiki is making a comeback, sought-after due to its rebalancing of energies and promotion of natural healing. 

If you are interesting in adding Reiki to your services menu, we’re here with a look at what it is, how it works, and the benefits your clients can experience, even after just one session.

Energies are shifted, leaving behind a lighter, more relaxed, peaceful feeling that leads to a more balanced and purposeful sense of being”

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What Is Reiki? 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice used to balance the body’s energy. Practitioners place their hands at chakra points along the body, holding them close to promote the passing of energies. This strikes an immediate sensation in both the client and practitioner, mostly felt as a slight warming sensation accompanied by minute pressure. 

As practitioners make their way around the body, energies are shifted, leaving behind a lighter, more relaxed, peaceful feeling that leads to a more balanced and purposeful sense of being. 

The Benefits of Reiki 

When energies are jumbled up, day-to-day life can feel unmanageable. The inability to utilize energy properly can lead to stress, which has a long list of side effects, both short-term and long-term. Common benefits of Reiki include: 

• A lasting relaxing and meditative state 

• Tissue regeneration and healing 

• A shift toward positive thinking

• Pain relief

• Stimulation of the immune system

• Promotion of self-awareness 

Reiki vs. Massage 

Both Reiki and massage are used to promote stress relief and relaxation. Where they differ is the technique, with one more physical than the other. 

Clients tend to seek out massage therapy when they’re feeling tense in a particular part of their body. Traditional massages use pressure and kneading motions around the body to work out knots throughout the back, neck, and shoulders. Pressure ranges from light to intense, with many massage therapists using a combination of techniques to give their clients the best results. 

Unlike massage, Reiki involves minimal touching. If pressure is applied, it’s always light and doesn’t involve any motions. Instead of physically kneading knots out of the body, Reiki works to stimulate the movement of energy through close contact. Moving along the body’s seven chakras, Reiki works to reset energy, balancing it to a state of harmony, peace, and positivity. 

The Powers of a Reiki and Massage Combo

Combining Reiki and massage into one relaxing and therapeutic session has the power to ease tension and unblock energetic pathways. The two work in unison for a long list of body and mind-loving benefits that your clients are sure to love. 

Removal of Physical and Emotional Blockages

Physical and emotional blockages go hand in hand, keeping the body and mind from functioning at their full potential. Combining massage and Reiki can work both types of blockages out of the body, loosening up pathways that increase blood flow and stimulate energy. 

Better Quality Sleep 

With the body’s pathways all twisted and tangled, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. A massage and Reiki combo melts tensions, soothes aches, and leads the mind toward a path of healing. After a session, the mind and body will be in a much better place, able to relax into a much-needed, deep, restorative sleep.

Flush Out Toxins 

Toxins clog up the lymphatic system, coming at us from the environment, the food we eat, and the stresses we feel. A relaxing massage breaks up stubborn toxins, increasing circulation that helps oxygen-rich blood flow throughout the body. Better blood pumping combined with the relaxed state that comes with the re-balancing of energies in Reiki leaves clients with a healthy, youthful glow and a peaceful state of mind. 

Jump Start Healing 

The body is constantly at work, pushing to maintain a line of defenses against our surroundings. Both massage and Reiki work alongside the body’s natural defenses to increase immunity and ignite regenerative properties. Whether emotional or physical, Reiki combined with massage jumpstarts the healing process and promotes a healthier and happier state of being.      

Incorporating Reiki

Into Your Spa 

As a salon owner, you’re in the business of making clients feel their best, both inside and out. Adding Reiki to your lineup of treatments is a great way to promote natural healing. Some ideas for adding Reiki to your menu include: 

Get It Out There 

Clients are always curious about trending treatments. Sharing a bit about Reiki will get them excited to give it a try, igniting their curiosity to unlock their healing potential. 

Highlight the Benefits

No one knows about the amazing powers of Reiki until they give it a try. Shower clients with the knowledge of all the benefits that can come from a Reiki session and encourage them to give it a try. 

Make it a Combo 

Add a short Reiki session to any treatment and give your clients a taste of what Reiki is all about. 

Prep your space 

A good Reiki session takes all senses into account. When performing Reiki, make sure your space is equipped with a comfortable temperature, luxe bedding, and proper lighting and fragrance to promote relaxation.