The Retreat Spa at Blue Lagoon

Experience luxury in the heart of a volcanic frontier

If you’re visiting Iceland, otherwise known as the Land of Fire and Ice, chances are the Blue Lagoon is at the top of your list. The angelic beauty of the volcanic landscape and milky turquoise seawater will be enough to lure you in, but the transformative powers of the treatments experienced at the Retreat Spa will bring you a new sense of wellbeing. The five-star spa hotel is carved into the lava field, with the geothermal water’s healing powers serving as a natural silhouette to its dreamlike beauty. Rich in mineral salts, the steamy water is known to be particularly effective in treating skin conditions. The spa unifies these natural benefits with the pleasures of massage and beauty treatments to cultivate an experience like no other.


The Blue Lagoon Ritual is a self-guided experience and the most popular treatment at the spa. Spa Director Már Másson describes it as a “rejuvenating cycle of wellbeing based on the Blue Lagoon’s trinity of transformative elements—minerals, silica, and algae.” Each of these elements contains a dynamic array of benefits. While the mineral salt exfoliates the skin and stimulates circulation, silica deeply cleanses and strengthens its barrier function. The algae nourishes the skin from within by reducing collagen breakdown and increasing collagen production. This leaves the skin feeling nourished and youthful.

The angelic beauty of the volcanic landscape and milky turquoise seawater will be enough to lure you in, but the transformative powers of the treatments experienced at The Retreat Spa will bring you a new sense of wellbeing.


Another hallmark of the Blue Lagoon experience is the in-water massage. “Combining the benefits of massage, the healing powers of geothermal seawater, and the sublime beauty of the surrounding landscape, this treatment opens new horizons of wellbeing. Floating on the soothing warmth of a secluded area of the Retreat Lagoon, guests become one with nature as their massage takes them to unparalleled states of relaxation and rejuvenation,” says Másson. Offered in durations of 30, 60, and 120 minutes, Blue Lagoon in-water treatments are unforgettable. Prices range from $122 to $213 to $343 for the full 120-minute experience.


The Retreat Spa was built into an 800-year-old lava flow and covers more than 43,000 square feet. Inside, you will find three private treatment rooms, a sauna, nest chairs boasting enchanting views of the Retreat Lagoon, and a room dedicated to highlighting soothing sights and sounds of water falling within the earth. “The Retreat Spa’s most unique feature is Lava Cove. An extraordinary ultra-private suite—a spa within a spa—Lava Cove is a place of abundant comfort and wellbeing. With its own geothermal lagoon, wood-burning fireplace, private entrance, and butler, this secret treasure creates new dimensions of spa luxury,” says Másson.

Step outside onto the terrace and breathe in the artic air. Feel the heat of the earth in the steam cave, take a plunge in the refreshing pool of cold water, or bask in the mineral-rich waterscape of the Blue Lagoon. Every space within and without the Reteat Spa embodies the unique treasures of this beautiful phenomenon.


Blue Lagoon sees tourists from all over the world, but markets directly to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe, as most of its visitors come from these regions. The spa uses traditional media, online outlets, e-newsletters, and social media to attract new and existing visitors. The Retreat Spa has also appeared in many publications as the best for wellness experiences and spa treatments. Some of these recognitions include the Top Ten Luxury Wellness Escapes for 2020 by Town & Country and the Best Wellness Experience in DEPARTURES’ Legend Awards 2019.


“At the Retreat Spa, all therapists are professionally licensed and thoroughly trained through vocational coursework designed in-house and conducted on-site. Each course aims to educate and enlighten, instilling a desire to bring out the best in themselves,” explains Másson. The staff hosts daily briefings to review guest feedback and discuss ways to enhance and refine the overall experience. Staff performance is reviewed through quarterly one-on-one reviews conducted by supervisors.

“At Blue Lagoon Iceland, we invest in our employees, constantly encouraging them to reach higher ground. Each staff member is allowed to develop and cultivate their skills and capabilities.

We want our people to grow with us. We all strive to be unforgettable hosts and create enduring memories for our guests. The key to success in this aspiration lies in defining clear goals and objectives, as well as creating a framework for measuring our performance,” says Másson.


Blue Lagoon has its own skincare line derived from the bioactive elements of geothermal seawater. Combined by the purity of nature and science’s power, the products are intended to heal a broad spectrum of skin concerns. “Thoroughly integrated with the guest experience, Blue Lagoon skincare is a fundamental component of the Retreat Spa. From the complimentary items in the private changing rooms to the raw elements in the Blue Lagoon Ritual to the in-water mask bar in the main Blue Lagoon, our skincare enhances the guest experience. And after using our products in the spa, guests inevitably wish to purchase their favorite items to recreate the experience at home,” says Másson.

While many visitors purchase these products, the bulk of the spa’s revenue comes primarily from bookings, with the in-water massage in high demand. “The popularity of this extraordinary experience can be attributed to the fact that it was invented at Blue Lagoon and is not available at any other spa in the world,” says Másson.

Spa Director Spotlight

Már Másson has been with Blue Lagoon Iceland since 2016. Initially hired to create a new HR unit that could accommodate Blue Lagoon’s tremendous staffing requirements as the company prepared to open the Retreat, he subsequently led the marketing division until he was appointed COO of Blue Lagoon in late 2018. Már has a background in business, communications, and finance.