The Magic Hour Facial

by Amy Peterson, Owner and Lead Esthetician at Skincare by Amy Peterson


Can you describe your Magic Hour facial?

The Magic Hour is a one-hour experience that incorporates multiple different devices and technologies. We use different serums and various products that are totally customized to the customer’s skin type.

How did you come up with this idea for a facial?

I came up with this idea because I was so annoyed with “spa facials.” The traditional facial that uses steam and leaves you sitting there alone for 15 minutes with a mask on wasn’t cutting it for me.

I really felt that these technologies, especially when combined, offer a way better service than that. I want the customer to feel like they are really getting the whole hour that they paid for and getting the best of the best.

I really like keeping up with technology and there is nothing more exciting for me than when a client says to me “oh my god, I’ve never had a facial like that!

What results can your clients achieve with this facial?

People love it, which I love because I am very much a results-driven practitioner. At the end of the day you need to feel better and look better. Not just one or the other. Lots of people can just put oil on a client’s face and they’ll look shinier, but that’s temporary.

It’s the maximum of everything. It has intense hydration, addresses fine lines and wrinkles, is a wonderful cleansing, and is perfect for anti-aging. Best of all, the results endure. My customers will say “oh my god, that facial lasted me two or three weeks.

What are some examples of combination tools that you use on clients?

There is a cleansing process, exfoliation process and then hydration. And a detailed service at the end to solve whatever skin issue we are working towards. I incorporate MesoJet, hydrafacial, cryo t-shock, different enzymatic therapies, LightStim, and TriaWave. We use MBR and Biologique Recherche products. When you walk out, you’ve just had six different technologies in an hour.

How do you consult a client for your magic hour treatment?

Once a client comes to my office I usually like to start with the Magic Hour because it’s such a customizable treatment and I can quickly get their skin to baseline. I can figure out what their most urgent need is. 99% of the time there is a dehydration factor. Most people are walking around with very dehydrated skin and don’t know it. We start with a deep cleansing and hydration and lifting, toning, and RF. Then they can see the value and make it part of their maintenance plan.

What advice would you give to estheticians looking to offer combination treatments?

I can do these because I know how every single one of these work and how they interact with one another. So when you are combining treatments and you don’t know how things work together, you might cause a reaction on the skin. It’s important not just to know how to use a machine, but why you are using it for a particular skin concern. I now have a lot of reps that call me and ask how I use these devices because I get such good results.

What are the benefits of this type of service for your spa?

I really like keeping up with technology and there is nothing more exciting for me than when a client says to me “oh my god, I’ve never had a facial like that!” They walk out very satisfied, looking great and having tried something new. It keeps them coming back and from a business perspective what we all want is retention and people do rebook because the service is worth rebooking.