The Healing Powers of Honey

The internal and external superfood

Oh, Honey. Maybe you are the ultimate superfood of superfoods. Honey has been — and will likely remain — a top beneficial ingredient for more than a sweetener or something to add to a delicious piece of almond butter toast. What we’re putting into and on our bodies matters more than ever in helping us stay physically and emotionally balanced. So, what exactly is honey good for, in and out of the spa environment? Can honey indeed be the ultimate infection fighter, vitamin infusion, wound healer, and decadent spa treatment all in one?


The benefits of honey have been documented for hundreds of years, and it’s one of the only food sources that does not spoil when adequately sealed. It must be beneficial for internal and external use if it’s powerful enough to sustain the wear and tear of time without spoiling. I was introduced to some top natural and certified organic product companies several years ago when I became fascinated with honey-infused products, superfood ingredients, and derived-from-earth goodness.

It’s protective, soothing, calming, and healing nature can nourish so many aspects of the mind, body, and skin.

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Wendy Westbrook

Wendy Westbrook is an Educator for FarmHouse Fresh®, licensed Esthetician & NCTMBW certified/licensed Massage Therapist with 14 years in the spa industry. After college, she aspired to become a spa therapist in hopes of helping clients discover their inner and outer beauty though bodywork and skincare. Her work experiences include exceptional customer service at RockResorts spas in Vail, Colorado, as well as retail and merchandising. She has practiced modalities including Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology Massage, Energy Bodywork, Reflexology, Advanced Myofascial Techniques through The Rolf Institute, and Microcurrent treatments for Face & Body.