The DashBar

The Future of Beauty

Meet the future of beauty, a collective beauty bar set out on a crusade to revolutionize the beauty service industry. A quick escape from the bustling city of Brickell located in Miami, FL, DashBar™ is a salon spa that specializes in combining multiple services in under an hour. These services include blowouts, facials, lashes, and nails, all for the modern woman. The beauty bar offers an experience that is “better, faster, and easier for women to look and feel their best while saving time,” says Founder and CEO Carla Olivia. Guests can receive up to three services in under an hour all in one magical chair, the patent-pending salon-spa chair – PollyDash™. Not to mention, the beauty bar uses only natural and healthy ingredients.

“We are passionate about beauty and only use products that are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We also believe that investing in better personal care should start with carrying products with the safest ingredients. Our commitment is to always preserve the health and well-being of each client, that of the animals we love and the planet we call home,” says Carla Olivia. Fast, casual, and CLEAN beauty. What more can a client ask for?

Good Vibes Only


Dashbar’s most popular treatments are the blowout and facial collective services. The blowout collective series includes a blowout, manicure, and pedicure service of the client’s choice. Enhancements for blowouts include a deep conditioner mask to hydrate and soften the hair, a dreamy scalp scrub to gently exfoliate and detoxify the scalp, and hair extensions for a lengthier and fuller look. The salon-spa offers regular manicures and pedicures, as well as a Gotta Dash polish change, including an exfoliating sugar scrub and moisturizing massage.

As for the facial collective series, guests can choose the basic Dash & Go Facial for a quick exfoliation treatment that brightens the skin while providing calming, purifying, hydrating, and tightening benefits. Guests can also enjoy an array of facial enhancements, including the lifting and brightening Tropical Vibes Facial or the blemish banishing Love Your Skin Facial. The salon-spa also offers cryoskin facial and body treatments, as well as lash services!


Before opening, the spa spent six weeks training its staff to perform all of the services that Dashbar has to offer, in under 60 minutes, of course. Now that the spa is open, “we have monthly team meetings and weekly team performance meetings to ensure everyone stays up to date on progress, goals, and achievements,” says Olivia. Staff performance as a team is reviewed on a weekly basis and individual feedback is given monthly based on customer feedback and room for improvement. The staff receives weekly incentives like bonuses and gift cards for meeting sale and service enhancement goals.


Brickell is the city’s financial center, home to shimmering business towers and luxury condos providing beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. From rooftop bars and art galleries to fashionable boutiques, there is a lot of foot traffic in the popular Miami area. The salon-spa’s prime location paired with its niche for quick, high-quality services is sure to bring guests in, but what other marketing techniques does the beauty bar partake in?

New on the scene, DashBar is experimenting with a wide array of marketing avenues. “Our marketing technique as a start-up is to give all reasonable marketing avenues a try and see what works best for us. We have a unique concept and we’re always happy to learn what resonates with our guests. We don’t focus on only web or social media but a blend of the two as they work together. We have been using hyper-local influencers to market to locals while advertising online,” says Olivia.


CEO Spotlig

Carla developed the idea for DashBar™ after recognizing that her routine beauty services were inefficient and not meeting the demands of her already busy lifestyle. Balancing a career, family, and more, she didn’t have the time to run to multiple salons regularly, so she made it her mission to create an innovative salon-spa that would give back the one thing no one can buy: time.

Prior to founding DashBar, Carla spent over two decades running several successful business ventures in various industries that thrived under her leadership. Carla is a loving wife and mother, animal lover, and a committee member of the Selfless Love Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of foster youth through awareness and strategic partnerships. Carla has always been driven by a strong desire to empower women, and with DashBar, now she can. She hopes that her own self-made success story can inspire women from all walks of life to follow their dreams.