Spa Membership Programs

Why your spa needs one and how to ensure success

Today’s consumer is focused on health and wellness. The Global Wellness Institute confirms this worldwide movement in their 2018 report, which states that wellness is a 4.5 trillion dollar economy.

Spas play a pivotal role in this global wellness marketplace. Many spa brands are looking for strategies to provide consistent programs for their clients who seek ways to incorporate health and wellness into their routines.

One such approach is a membership program. The membership concept is not new, nor is it unique to spas. It is a culturally recognized and accepted avenue to deliver consistent value to consumers. Membership models are found in various industries, from food delivery services and supermarkets to beauty products and museums.

Consumers are familiar with memberships and have been for a long while. People may recall the iconic American Express slogan, ‘Membership has its privileges,” which succinctly summed up the intrinsic value as well as status associated with being a part of an exclusive club. When well-planned and positioned, a spa membership confers this value to their guests and at the same time creates a revenue-building strategy for their bottom line.

For this article, I invite two of my spa colleagues to speak to the important benefits that spa memberships offer a spa brand and their clients.

“With increasing focus on self-care, membership allows spa guests to easily create a regular wellness routine at a savings or perceived value.”


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Monique Blake

Monique is a champion of vibrant living. For over 23 years, she has helped women confidently answer the poet Mary Oliver’s question, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” She loves to custom craft innovative education and programs to assist spas and their guests fully express their radiant health and wellBEing. Monique, formerly a Red Door National Director of Training, has 20 years of executive experience in the education, corporate and spa settings. She is also a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kepler College certified Astrologer and has professionally read the Tarot for 30 years. Her clients call her the ‘Oracle’.