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How To Effectively Use Instagram Live For Your Business




How To Effectively Use Instagram Live For Your Business

Instagram is an incredible tool for businesses. Some even refer to it as the NEW business card. But in reality, it is so much more than just a social media platform. Instagram is constantly updating its platform with tools for small businesses to grow and gain brand awareness. In the following paragraphs, we will be going over how to maximize your exposure on social media and how to boost sales using one of Instagram’s most engaging features, Instagram Live.

Going LIVE is a great way to drive engagement, gain followers, and sell products! When utilized to its maximum potential, of course. What does that mean? Don’t worry, we are here to teach you!

Hosting a Live is also beneficial when it comes to boosting your discoverability on Instagram, which is the name of the game.

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The first thing you must know is that there are no retakes on Instagram LIVE. Once you have finalized your session, you must immediately save the stream (Instagram will prompt you to do so before closing the live session). On a positive note, your IG LIVE will remain on your page for 24 hours so viewers can tune in on the segment.

You have probably read or heard that the best way to connect with your followers is by being; authentic, transparent, and direct. During a live stream, you can achieve this in so many different ways! Followers can submit their comments and question in real-time, making it feel like you are face to face with them. For example, if you have a new treatment or product you are looking to sell, a live stream is perfect for you. Your followers and viewers will be able to ask questions and get answers on the spot. This is great for the skincare and spa industry, which relies very much on demonstrations and results. Now you can showcase new treatments and so much more to your clients (and prospective clients).

Hosting a LIVE is also beneficial when it comes to boosting your discoverability on Instagram, which is the name of the game. Why may you ask? Every time you go LIVE, your followers will receive an in-app notification that you have started to stream, and your stream will also be bumped to the front of Instagram stories feed!


The first step to going LIVE is opening your Stories camera and swiping to the “LIVE” mode. Once you have done this, we always recommend giving your viewers a few moments before beginning your session, so start with an introduction to provide your followers with a minute or two to join in! It is always recommended to have a tripod handy (and set up beforehand) to hold up your device so that your viewers can hear you loud and clear. If you will be showcasing products or a specific treatment, we also recommend having all of your items ready and prepped beforehand.

The great thing about Instagram LIVE is that it can be used for so much more than using it to talk to your followers yourself. The Co-hosting feature allows you to double up on engagement and gain a greater following by joining with another person! Try reaching out to the brands you use in your spa and see if they would like to collaborate. Chances are they will say yes, and both parties will be able to engage a broader audience.

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