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Attract Top Talent For Your Spa With Your Onboarding Process

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’m regularly reminded of this African proverb when I talk to my Growth Factor clients.

I think of one in particular who, when she began working with us, was a solo aesthetician who just crossed the magical six-figure mark but was exhausted. Just a short 18 months later, she has a team of 8 and has 5X’d her revenue.

Her story, countless others, and my own experience have shown me the truth of what it means to have a team that supports you:

  • It allows you to truly focus on your zone of genius and be the CEO who can grow the company.
  • The team gives you the freedom to take time off while continuing to generate revenue in your absence.
  • It’s the critical piece in helping you achieve the freedom, flexibility, and financial growth you desired when you started your business.

So, why is there an industry-wide fear of hiring and managing?

I believe it’s partly due to underdeveloped leadership skills, but it’s also a lack in the process surrounding the hiring, onboarding, and development of your team.

The reality is, if you want to attract A-level players to your spa, you need an A-level process, and five essential documents give that process shape:

“Every employee should go through the entire handbook with you and initial each page; this ensures they have time to ask questions and feel supported.”


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Daniela Woerner

Daniela Woerner is a spa marketing and retail sales strategist for aestheticians. She is also the host of the iTunes top 100 podcast, Spa Marketing Made Easy. In the 15 years she has spent in the industry, she has worked with some of the top dermatologists in the field; consulted with global physician dispensed skincare brands; contributed her expertise to the branding and positioning of major product launches; and developed educational training programs for aestheticians in 82 countries worldwide. Learn more at or email