Skin Coaching 101

A Holistic Approach To Understanding Your Client & Their Skin

Holistic is defined as “the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.” And so comes Holistic Esthetics, where we believe that looking at the whole picture will help us determine the various things that may be affecting our client’s skin. We evaluate so many factors when creating a plan of action for a client, including skin history, health history, lifestyle, stress levels, diet, allergies, and more. By having a comprehensive understanding of your client’s lifestyle, you can help guide them in making healthy decisions for their skin and decide what treatments would best suit them!


I always start my Skin Coaching Sessions out with a few simple questions: “How does your skin make you feel? What do you feel you need help with?”… this way, you can get a sense of how your client feels and better support their skin healing process. By understanding your client’s skin from their perspective, you can better understand how to interact with them!

One of the best ways to help your clients feel supported would be to touch base with them every few weeks and ask them for a skin update!

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Astrid Makenzi

Astrid Makenzi is a Holistic Esthetician, based in Clayton, NC, who began her journey in skin care after dealing with a severe battle of Lyme Disease and numerous skin conditions throughout her life. She has always had a deep love and admiration for skin care and wellness. She currently focuses on Skin Coaching Sessions, where she helps clients with primarily sensitive or acneic skin. She can be found through her business, The Holistica Hive, at, or on Instagram and Facebook.