Signature Treatment

How to create a signature treatment for your spa that sells


Every salon has its own personal flair. Part of what attracts your clientele is the types of treatments you offer, the more unique and special, the better. While you may have the day’s hottest treatments on your list of services, think about the pros of having your own signature treatment.

Creating a signature treatment takes spotting trends and thinking outside of the box to create an experience that will bring clients through the door. It’s a way to help you stand out from the crowd and break the barriers of standard spa offerings.

Creating a signature treatment takes spotting trends and thinking outside of the box to create an experience that will bring clients through the door.

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Create A Signature Treatment in Three Easy Steps

A big part of creating your salon’s signature treatment is allowing your creative juices to flow. Think outside of the box and come up with something fun, catchy, and novel that will help you stand out from the crowd. Think that might be a challenge? Here’s how to do it in just three steps.

Check Out What’s Hot

If there is a simple way to create your signature treatment, it’s with a look at what’s hot. There is nothing more exciting than novel treatments, especially those with amazing results. Check out what the latest spa treatment trends are, using them as a way to inspire your next move.

Pro Tip: Check out the hottest spas across the globe and see what they’re offering. Also, flip through spa magazines and articles, seeing which treatments are hot off the press.

Mix In Your Style

If you’ve been in the business for some time now, you likely know your style. You may be elegant, classy, and minimal or bold, bright, and fun. Whatever vibe your salon sets off, make sure that your signature treatment lets it shine through. Here is where you can focus on the senses, incorporating smell, sight, and sounds all in one.

Your style will help you determine:

  • The name of your treatment
  • All the small details
  • Your marketing strategy
  • The rest of your experience

For example, say that your salon has a girly flair with all things pink. Your treatment could be called “The Pink Lady” and feature fruity scents like strawberries and pineapple. You could market it with images of the cool girls of the gang from Grease or with modern-day femmes with pinup looks. See how cool that sounds!

Make It Stand Out

Many treatments are fundamentally the same. What sets them apart are the little “extras” that come along with them. Think about a brow wax, for example. Many salons offer brow waxing but the ones that add a gentle cleanse and relaxing massage get the most repeats.

So, whichever treatment you choose as your base, add in all those little extras to build more of an experience. When clients choose a salon, they do so for one of two reasons:

  • They had a great experience that they want to repeat
  • The salon is the only one offering what they’re looking for

Keep these in mind when choosing your treatment and building your experience. Make it one that your clients (both loyal and new) will keep coming back for.

Don’t Forget to Factor in Cost

Letting your imagination run wild is great but, some things might be too far out of your budget. Don’t forget to think about costs, including how much any equipment you need will cost you. This will help you make your dream a reality and ensure that you set a price that will keep you in business.

If you find that your dream treatment is too far out of range, you may need to go back to the drawing board and find ways to reach your goal without the high costs getting in the way.

Create your Signature Treatment Today

Having a signature treatment is beneficial for many reasons, especially when it comes to your brand. Give repeat and new clients something fun and groundbreaking to try while making it your own. Match it with your salon’s style, add a few extras in, and give it a catchy name that will spread like wildfire among those in your community.