Self Care for Lash Artists

Preventing Pain through Proper Ergonomics

Having a long, successful career as a lash stylist requires taking care of your body every step of the way. That means listening to what your body tells you and investing in an ergonomic workstation that adjusts to your body’s needs. We’ve pulled together our top tips for supporting your body’s needs in the lash studio.

Take Care of Your Body with Flexible Client Seating

As lash artists, we can spend up to three (or more!) hours in a chair when giving clients a full set of lashes. If possible, invest in a bed or recliner that will allow your legs to go fully underneath so that you can stretch out, avoid hunching, or even change seating/standing positions while working on a client. You won’t be at the top of your game if the bed your client lies on doesn’t let you adapt to your body’s needs as the hours slip by!

Prevent Eye Strain with Professional Lighting + Magnification

Just as people who spend hours on computer screens need to protect their eyes with blue light filter glasses, lash artists who spend the better part of their workdays performing intricate lash work with tiny lash extensions need to protect their eyes from strain! To this end, professional studio lighting is a must. Look for a lamp loaded with enough brightness settings to adjust to your needs, particularly as daylight hours wax and wane throughout the day.

As a bonus, high-quality lighting will give even the most haphazard iPhone photos that extra salon-quality, professional oomph. Your clients will be much more likely to post pictures and tag you on social media if they can snap glowing, well-lit photos while still in the chair!

In addition to lighting, consider purchasing magnifying glasses if you need them. Not only will it help you see your work on a larger scale, but it’ll also prevent you from additional, unnecessary squinting and eye strain.

“The constant strain of simple daily activities can squeeze or compress the carpal tunnel.”

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Promote Hand and Joint Health with Hand Exercises

Working with tweezers all day can lead to long-term difficulties in your hands, fingers, and wrists if you don’t take the time to properly stretch them out. Below are our top three stretches for lash artists:


1. The Piano / Reverse Piano

  • Touch the tip of each of your fingers and the pad of your thumb in both directions.
  • Then, stretch each finger out individually.


2. The Engagement Photoshoot

  • Extend your arm fully, and force your wrist down (like you’re flashing a ring).
  • Next, do the same with your hand in a fist.


3. The Lite Massage

  • Use your thumb to massage your opposite palms, spending extra time under the joints of your opposite thumb.
  • Then, interlock your fingers and push your palms outward.
  • Finish by circling your wrists.


Finally, remember to take the time to shake out your hands and fingers for about a minute every 2-3 hours when using tweezers. In addition to taking care of your hands and wrists, make sure to take steps to protect your neck and back. Check that your stool is the proper height relative to your bed, as prolonged strain on your neck can lead to serious spinal problems in the future (not to mention leaving you sore).

When working on clients, you want to look out and over, rather than straight down. Finally, try to avoid slouching while working, as it promotes bad posture and can reshape your spine after long periods of time. Altogether, these steps can help ensure your body stays happy and healthy for years of lashing to come!