Retail Sales for the Modern Esthetician

Change your relationship with sales 

As a skin care professional, you are probably all too aware of the importance of retail sales. Not only do retail sales determine your paycheck, but they also determine your clients’ results — and in turn, client loyalty and referrals.  

 In other words: the success of your business depends on retail sales.  

 Yet, retail sales are not why most of us got into this work. And selling can sometimes feel… well, icky.  

In 2019, Skin Care Literature surveyed over 360 skin care professionals — and 95% cited retail sales as the most challenging part of their job. Fears about being “pushy”, not having enough product knowledge, and online retailer competition rose to the top.  

But here’s the thing: if you aren’t enjoying selling, your clients certainly aren’t either. The modern consumer is being marketed to all day, every day, so they can smell a sales pitch a mile away.  

To rid ourselves of features & benefits lists and the dreaded “hard sell” at the product wall, it’s time to modernize the retailing experience in our industry. Here are Skin Care Literature’s three keys to easy, natural retail sales in 2021 and beyond. 

“The key is to position yourself as an expert — not a salesperson — to capitalize on this growth.”


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Mara Jenkins

Mara is a global educator, business coach, and internationally accredited CIDESCO certified medical aesthetician with over a decade of experience specializing in advanced skin care. She has trained over 5000 aestheticians, laser technicians, RN’s, skin therapists and physicians, as well as designed and delivered education for professional skin care brands in over 20 countries. Hydrafacial, Elemis, Eminence Organic Skin Care, and ZO Skin Health are just a few of the industry leaders she’s educated for.With the mission to help estheticians become recognized (and compensated) as the experts they are, Mara founded Skin Care Literature – an online platform that effectively delivers powerful, brand-agnostic education – helping to increase confidence, sales, and client loyalty.