Ready, Set, Summer

Creative seasonal ideas to attract clients

In the summertime, your clients will be all about tropical bliss. While they’ll be spending more time outside, they’ll be looking for a place to escape, relax and recharge away from the scorching hot sun. Luring them in with refreshing treatments and indulgences will be just what they need to relieve and soothe the body and mind. Sink into summer and give these ideas a warm welcome. Here’s how to get your spa ready for summer.

Update Your Spa Menu

Summer is the time for relaxation and exotic getaways. It’s no surprise that many choose to melt away their stresses at the spa, so you’ll need to update your spa menu with offerings that scream summer is here! From HydraFacials to Oxygen Facials, your clients will be looking for anything that promises dewy, radiant skin. While these treatments are generally available year-round, they are most beneficial in the summer. It will be your job to educate your clients on the extra TLC needed to combat the dry effects of salt water and dangerous effects of the sun.

Rather than chemical peels, microdermabrasion can exfoliate and reveal luminous skin without making it more prone to sunburn. Dermaplaning is another good option with the bonus of removing peach fuzz for client’s who want hairless and smooth skin. Slimming wraps are the perfect way to become bikini body-ready by encouraging the release of toxins and excess fluids. Treatments that reduce cellulite and sculpt the body can give your clients that extra confidence they need to strut their stuff. Body waxing can help complement sunless tan skin, or laser hair removal can be an excellent investment for future summers to come!

Beat the heat with refreshing treatments that bring the skin back to its natural moisturizing levels.

Many of these treatments will sell for themselves, but with the right marketing tactics, you can be sure to attract repeat customers all summer long. Create packages with the most popular seasonal treatments to generate a lot of hype. Or pair a popular treatment with one that might not be as popular to drive sales to all of your services. Offer a summer punch card as an incentive for your clients to keep coming back until they can claim their reward. Showcase your services on social media and utilize influencers to get more clients through the doors.

Cooling Spa Treatments

Beat the heat with refreshing treatments that bring the skin back to its natural moisturizing levels. Invite your guests to a Calming Cucumber Facial or Hydrating Watermelon Facial to cool off in between summer activities. Better yet, a Cyrofacial to boost collagen production for a youthful appearance.

For those clients looking for gorgeous, glowing skin, offer them a Body Polish to scrub away toxins and dead cells while increasing circulation. Use a peppermint aromatherapy scrub to cool the skin and invigorate the muscles. Treat the feet to a soothing minty foot massage and soak them in a bowl of room temperature water with marbles and fresh flowers to further stimulate the senses. Offer a rejuvenating Aloe Vera Body Treatment to cool and heal the skin from the sunburn.

If you usually offer hot stone massage therapy, then switch it up and provide cold stone therapy instead! Not only will this help your clients feel more comfortable during a hot day, but a cold stone massage can promote healing and reduce pain and swelling in the muscles and tissues.

Hand your clients a chilled face towel to cool down before their treatments. All you need is clean towels and some essential oils to make them feel ahhmazing. You can keep a bunch in the refrigerator for quick access.

In-Season Indulgences

Treat your guests’ palates with delicious foods and drinks for healthy summer skin that make your clients feel good from the inside out. Lemonade and Iced Tea are two of summer’s quintessential beverages! But these fresh, cleansing foods can support the body’s detoxification systems and organs, helping them work more effectively to remove toxins from the body.

Not only are they full of antioxidants and rich in nutrients, but they are cool, hydrating, and light; perfect for coping with the summer heat. You can also keep the theme going by incorporating products into your treatments that contain these delectable ingredients. Clients will be drawn to summer-inspired treatments just as much as they’ll be craving these treats!

• Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and are great for the immune system, brain, and blood pressure. Just one serving alone has over 50 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. Keep it simple and offer a fruit bowl or pair the juicy edible with yogurt. Better yet, top it off on a sweetand-savory fennel and arugula salad.

• Celery and cucumbers are a great source of silica, a trace mineral that strengthens the body’s connective tissues, including the muscles, hair, cartilage, bones, and is crucial for skin elasticity. Celery can be a fantastic snack to enjoy with carrots and a creamy dip. Cucumbers are perfect for salads and can be infused with water to keep things fresh right before a treatment! Add in some strawberries for a spa water recipe that is even more fruity and fresh.

• Blackberries are the essence of the season. They contain an antioxidant called anthocyanin that helps protect the skin against fine lines and dryness by deactivating free radicals. Cure your clients’ sweet tooths and offer sweet berry scones or give them a taste of relaxation with a berry delicious cocktail!

• Watermelon is also loaded with vitamin C, and an antioxidant called lycopene, which reduces free radicals causing damage to the skin. It contains vitamin A which encourages the growth of collagen and elastin cells to keep the skin young and supple. You can’t go wrong with a refreshing watermelon sorbet or a bright, flavorful popsicle!

• Coconut water is a must for its hydrating powers! It contains natural electrolytes and high levels of potassium, great for skin growth. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier, and anti-microbial, which can be beneficial for acne-prone skin.

Summer Goodies Galore

New season, new skincare! Update your retail shelf with products that keep your clients’ skin calm, cool, and collected. These include refreshing facial mists, broad-spectrum sunscreens, sunless tanning extenders, lip therapy treatments, relaxing lip balms, and soothing face masks for treating sunburns – ouch! Remember, presentation is everything. Clean out your old products and freshen up your display in a way that’s organized and visually appealing. Offer discounts or specials on products used during your services! Leaving with new goodies will be the cherry on top to their sun-sational spa experience!