Pure and Simple

Brighten and protect with purifying cleansers


Our skin is porous, absorbing microparticles floating around the environment. Unfortunately, not all of these invisible particles are skin-loving, with some clogging pores and producing toxins that can build up over time. Freeing pores from pollutants and debris requires a cleansing ritual, one that uses all-natural ingredients packed with antioxidants. For that, purifying cleansers are key, and we’re here to tell you why. 

Over time, protection from toxins and pollutants offered by purifying cleansers reduces visible signs of aging – mostly caused by continued exposure to free radicals.

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The Benefits of Purifying Cleansers 

Purifying cleansers act to protect and shield the skin. Depending on the active ingredients, some seep deep into pores to pull out toxins, debris, and pollutants while others protect against floating free radicals. The results of using purifying cleansers are brighter, healthier-looking skin and reduced appearance of pores. Over time, protection from toxins and pollutants offered by purifying cleansers reduces visible signs of aging – mostly caused by continued exposure to free radicals. 

Top Five Natural Ingredients in Purifying Cleansers 

To combat environmental pollutants that can clog the pores and prematurely age the skin, it’s recommended to use purifying cleansers that clean deep into pores. Purifying cleansers with these natural ingredients gently cleanse while protecting the skin and should be on your list of skincare must-haves. 

1. White Clay 

White clay is a huge contender in the world of purifying, known for its magnetic properties. Purifying cleansers with white clay work to draw out dirt, oil, debris, and impurities from the pores. With continued use, skin will feel and look fresher, and pores will be virtually invisible.  

2. Powerful Fruit Extracts 

Vitamin C is found in several fruits, including citrus like lemon and orange. Finding purifying cleansers with natural fruit extracts can provide skin with a boost of Vitamin C, amping up its defenses against free radicals. Extended use brightens skin and fights against hyperpigmentation, all while promoting collagen production. 

3. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids 

Natural forms of alpha and beta hydroxy acids are found in lemon, grapefruit, and tomato. Purifying cleansers containing AHA fruit acids work to gently exfoliate the skin’s surface cells, revealing new, healthy, hydrated skin. Gentle exfoliation increases blood flow to the skin, revealing a more hydrated, livelier version. 

4. Plant Extracts 

Plant extracts provide a number of benefits to our skin and bodies. Using a cleanser with natural plant extracts as part of a skincare regimen provides skin with a dose of antioxidants and antimicrobials to keep skin clean, fresh, and purified. 

5. Calming Botanicals 

Botanicals fight premature aging by quenching dry, dehydrated skin. Soothing botanicals like aloe and cucumber are especially beneficial, thickening the skin’s moisture barrier for added hydration. Botanical extracts have even been shown to inhibit the enzyme responsible for pigmentation, acting as skin’s defender from exposure-related discoloration.  

Double Cleanse for Double Results 

The double cleansing craze swept across the web promising cleaner, healthier-looking skin. Unlike other come-and-go trends, this one can actually help increase the benefits of using purifying cleansers, especially for those who wear makeup daily. For the best results, start with an oil-based cleanser, using it as a way to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin’s surface. Follow that up with a purifying cleanser packed with natural ingredients, and skin will glow from the inside out. 

Purify and Protect 

We are constantly exposed to pollution and free radicals, two major causes of premature aging. Purifying cleansers serve as a way to deep clean pores to remove impurities and boost antioxidants to fight harmful pollutants. When using purifying cleansers, you’ll notice brighter, clearer, more hydrated skin and gain protection from harmful environmental elements.