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Mental Health Spa Services

How to make your spa a center for wellness 


Wellness has become a new normal within our culture. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the global wellness economy was valued at $4.5 trillion in 2018, and it continues to outpace the growth of the global economy. In 2017, the wellness tourism sector reached $639.4 billion, projected to grow by 7.5% annually between 2017 and 2022. 

It seems evident why this trend is growing considering the Pandemic we currently are living through. However, even before Covid-19, the Wellness trend was moving full speed ahead through aging baby boomers, looking to manage their health and wellness, and Millennials, who have seen the price the boomers have paid in living lives of stress.   

Wellness is not only growing and expanding but becoming a key factor in return visits to the spa. This is very good news for the spa industry.  This allows for many opportunities to transform spas into a brand as a center for wellness. 

If a guest cannot get in to see a therapist, they can still experience mental health benefits from spa services. It has been proven that deep relaxation lowers depression and anxiety in a life of stress


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Patricia Heitz

Patricia Heitz, CIDESCO Diploma Holder, has been in the skin care/spa industry for over 40 years, where she has worked as a Spa Director, School Director, Sales Consultant, and Organizational Consultant for salons and spas. Currently, she has expanded into Wellness services offering Spa Retreats. She has just completed her certification in the New York University (NYU) Inner MBA program to add to her skills as a Reiki Master, and Author of “Daydreams Come True”, a workbook on changing your belief system. She spends her time training spa staff and consulting spas on growing their business. Her website is: