Just in Time for the Holidays

The best med spa treatments for your last-minute clients

October moves by quickly, and before we know it, our inboxes are flooded with advertisements and promises of the biggest Black Friday sales. In the holiday spirit of looking for gifts for everyone else, our clients sometimes forget to take time for themselves. With Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties right around the corner, our clients need to look and feel their best, even if they are running short on time. Any facial package duration is something to keep in mind while preparing the spa and our clients for the holidays. Some may sneak away on their lunch breaks or come in the middle of shopping for turkey and toys. Being mindful of your clients’ time constraints is critical in creating a specialized package just for them. We can make quite an impact in as little as 25 minutes if we are selective in our products and treatments. Here are the best MedSpa treatments to advertise to your clients this Holiday Season!

Microdermabrasion is usually one of the first treatments that come to mind for any occasion. It is the process of using a wand-like instrument that has an exfoliating tip with suction to remove dead skin and impurities from the face and neck. It generates minimal redness, smooth, and plump skin in minimal downtime. Microdermabrasion works best in a series of treatments, but some can see results after the first session. Try creating a 35-minute package that includes microdermabrasion with a seasonally themed enzyme serum and moisturizer.

With Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties right around the corner, our clients need to look and feel their best, even if they are running short on time.

Enzyme peels are another way to create a glow and help with any discoloration or texture issues clients may have developed over the summer. Enzyme peels create the least amount of irritation in little downtime. Ingredients such as cranberry, pumpkin, or pomegranate are always excellent choices in creating holiday-themed peels. Enzyme peels are also a fantastic add-on post microdermabrasion treatment.

LED light therapy is a treatment that has become very popular and can help create a quick boost in your client’s skin needs. Pairing a quick facial with key ingredients and LED therapy is another way to boost circulation, kill bacteria, and help with discoloration. This type of treatment can be done in 25 to 35 minutes. Red light therapy is usually used for fine lines and wrinkles as it promotes circulation that stimulates collagen and reduces inflammation. Blue light is typically used for acne-prone patients as it kills bacteria on the epidermis. Using both colors together is said to promote anti-inflammatory benefits, treating acne, and decreasing scarring.

These three procedures are some of the most minimally invasive treatments, but what if you have a client who wants more or needs more? More advanced modalities or even injections are the way to go! During the holiday season, clients face many stressful factors that can disrupt sleeping or eating factors that turn into more pronounced under-eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. If they want something more advanced, lasers are the way to go.

BBL or IPL are lasers that utilize the light spectrum to treat discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. These types of lasers are used in photo facials. Photo facials tend to be minimal downtime and most effective as a series. Getting your clients started on a package now will help them get a couple of treatments done before the holidays take off. Redness and inflammation can occur anywhere from 24 to 48 post procedures, so advise clients not to book the same day as their party. If you have a client who has run out of time and needs a quick fix, then this next treatment is perfect for them!

Cosmetic injections have various uses and can create a well-rested, youthful appearance based upon application or type. If your client is worried about forehead frown lines or crinkly crow’s feet, Botox is the best for these types of concerns. Filler is used for cheeks, lips, or wrinkles around the mouth. Botox or filler can create redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. Treating with ice and an arnica cream post-procedure can help minimize these side effects. Both of these injections can create a more youthful appearance in a matter of hours.


The final thing in helping our clients look great on the front of their holiday card is to be sure they have the right at-home regimen. Sometimes all they need is to switch up their products to get great results. Talk to them about what they are currently using and see what they may be missing. Sometimes they cannot make time, even if it is only 25 minutes, to get to you, but they can treat themselves while at home.

What does your med spa product line look like? Could you add at home enzyme treatments? Moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid and pore tightening ingredients? What about exfoliators or body treatments? Giving our clients access to top skincare brands can help them create a difference with just 10 to 15 minutes before bed!