Jet Lag Recovery

Help your clients combat the physical and mental effects of travel

With vacation season in full swing, top spas around the world are helping travelers combat the effects of jet lag that wreak havoc on one’s mental and physical health. From hypnosis and aromatherapy to restful rituals and zero-gravity chairs, five luxury spas are offering innovative treatments to help busy travelers recover from such jet lag symptoms as insomnia, general malaise, stomach issues, and more.

The Road Warrior Reset

The Road Warrior Reset ($175, 60-minutes) is part of Upgrade Labs at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, a health and fitness retreat offering high-tech experiences for the brain and body. This custom experience is suited for before or after travel to help quickly eliminate jet lag, overcome travel-related stress, boost the immune system, and ensure a great night’s sleep.

Not only can hypnotherapy help with issues, but it also helps with other jet lag symptoms as well.

“The Road Warrior Reset is an efficient package for rapidly overcoming jet lag; however, it provides massive benefits beyond eliminating the effects of time zone travel. The most notable is the radical immunity boost, which comes in handy for anyone who’s been burning the candle at both ends, under consistent stress, lacking sleep, pursuing an athletic goal, or feeling a little under the weather,” says Amanda McVey, VP of experience and programming for Upgrade Labs.

The treatment includes three services in one: cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and The Big Squeeze, which also includes Breathe EZ and Longevity Light. The jet lag issues that cryotherapy helps with are sleep, energy, swelling, and overall immune function. The infrared sauna helps to detox, improve circulation, improve sleep as well, and increase energy and cell health. Lastly, The Big Squeeze is a compression treatment to massage the lymphatic system, which helps to detox, improve oxygen and blood flow, boost cellular energy, and more. The latter is combined with the Breathe EZ, a water vapor device that helps repair cells, and a light treatment that targets fine lines, skin texture, and facial tone.

Jet Lag Recovery

The Jet Lag Recovery at The Spa at Auberge Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida not only appeals to executives with busy lifestyles who are constantly multi-taking and jet-setting their way through life, but also to anyone who’s feeling sluggish, sleep deprived, or in need of a reset. The treatment is designed to reset the mind, hydrate the skin, and balance the body.

The treatment begins on a zero-gravity lounge chair, which completely reclines the guest in a position that brings their legs above their heart for maximum circulation. “The recline position of the zero gravity chair helps to distribute your weight across the chair, which in turn relieves stress on the body and allows the mind to relax with a feeling of weightlessness. The position promotes circulation in legs and aids in reducing swelling,” explains spa director Linda Higgs.

The client’s eyes are covered with a silk eye pillow filled with lavender to compress the overstimulated sense of sight. “We then conduct an aroma inhalation ritual with peppermint essential oils and place the meditative headset as the binaural sounds soundwave therapy guides them into meditation. We then conduct a steam towel foot massage with a mixology of reviving foot balms and essential oils, followed by the 10-in-10 mini facial which includes a cleanse, peel and deep hydration, as well as an eye mask, and a deep shoulder and neck massage,” continues Higgs.

For maximum relief, the spa recommends this treatment within one to two days of flying, after a poor night’s sleep, or anytime the body and mind need a reset and rebalance.


With sleeping issues (i.e., insomnia at night, sleepiness during the day, and time zone adaptation) being one of the most prevalent symptoms of jet lag, Spa Aiyana at Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel Valley, California is offering customized Hypno-Health & Wellness services that focus on achieving a deeper, sounder sleep.

Not only can hypnotherapy help with sleep issues, but it also helps with other jet lag symptoms as well. “Sleeping in tune with your own body’s circadian rhythm helps with recovery and with being present during waking hours of the day. Many of the jet lag symptoms could see an improvement, such as daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating or a general feeling of not being well,” says Franziska Gerstenberger-Draper, Director of Spa Operations at Carmel Valley Ranch.

A typical hypnosis session (60-minutes, $350) goes like this: “The guest is laying down, and swings into hypnosis after a period of meditation. We must understand here that not everyone can be hypnotized — the guest must want to be hypnotized to receive benefit. The after-care though is my favorite – it’s a recording of the hypnosis part of the session, so that when the guest returns home (or in case of jet lag) the next night, they can listen to the recording to which then sleep will be induced,” explains Gerstenberger-Draper.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd, their in-house certified hypnotherapist, found that jet lag is best treated within 24 to 36 hours after arrival, making the first and second nights home from a trip ideal for this treatment.

The Recovering Traveler

The Recovering Traveler (100-minutes, $415), part of a new line of treatments by Australian-based Subtle Energies, at Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, helps to balance the body, improve sleep patterns, and assist with energy levels.

This treatment is designed to be customized for those suffering with fatigue, adrenal stress, and musculoskeletal tension. It also assists in releasing any fluid retention and strengthens the immune system after a long flight.

“The Recovering Traveler balances the circadian rhythm with a full body marma massage and our signature facial marma massage, known to activate the pineal gland together with the actives such as mogra and Indian rose. Marmas are vital energy or pranic centers that exist at various meeting points of the nerves, muscles, joints, and vessels in our body. We work with them to energize the surrounding tissue, releasing tension and increasing vitality and sometimes detoxify where there may be an excess. Working on the marmas assists to promote a state of rest, relaxation and therefore repair,” explains Nick Irani, Director of Operations and Brand Development.

There’s also a mini nasya component to the treatment as well. “We use a light application of herbal oil in the nose, using over 20 herbs to help assist with sleep issues as well as the bronze Kasa bowl technique to withdraw heat and stress from the body out through the feet. Using the Kasa bowl also puts elements of copper and zinc into the system, which increase strength and tone the muscles,” adds Irani.

Jet-Lag-Be-Gone Massage

Jet-Lag-Be-Gone (50-minutes, $175, 80-minutes, $255) at Nalu Kinetic Spa at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii combines aromatherapy to address jet lag, fatigue, and over-stimulation with a full body massage to calm the adrenal system and ease muscle soreness.

The treatment doesn’t have to be just for the recent traveler. “It’s also tailored to anyone who is stressed or exhausted, such as parents with newborns or someone who works many hours and is super exhausted. The adrenal balancing massage and the ginger root oil will help balance the energy in the body and bring the body to its natural state,” says director of wellness Avigale LaGrass.

This treatment begins with inhalation therapy featuring the client’s choice of four essential oils: Re-boot (lemongrass, peppermint, and holy basil), Chill (calming chamomile and soothing neroli blossoms), Inspire (uplifting balsam fir and balancing St. John’s Wort) or Meditation (a grounding essential blend with sandalwood and frankincense). “The therapist will then use the aromatherapy to do a Kundalini Awakening of the spine, which helps relax the body with a rocking motion and slowly puts the body at ease,” explains LaGrass.

Next, the therapist combines Swedish massage techniques with an adrenal rebalancing massage using ginger root oil. “This massage focuses on all the acupressure points and organs to help renew flow through the body and detox. It also includes an abdominal massage with our Mighty Mint Cream to help ease any digestion issues and release any tension within the body as our stomach is known to hold most of our stress. This treatment ends with a scalp massage and inhalation therapy,” adds LaGrass.