Intravenous Therapy

Why IV therapy in the spa is the next beauty frontier


What used to be a service performed solely in hospitals is now part of a beauty phenomenon! Intravenous (IV) therapy has been popping up in spas all over the country as a technique to help clients with jet lag, vitamin deficiencies, anti-aging and overall health and wellness. Inspiration struck Jonathon Myers, M.D., Baltimore internist and physician, when he decided to mix key vitamins and minerals into a “cocktail” of sorts, founding the pioneer of IV therapy, the “Myers Cocktail.” Since this innovation, the advancements of IV therapy have not only become available to the general public at various spas offering “cocktails,” “juices,” and “blends” of vitamins and minerals, but has also generated a beauty “boom” in the lifestyles of many celebrities such as Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Rihanna! In an age where basic relaxation is a luxury, IV infusions have become the next hottest craze in the wellness industry as an easy quick fix for overworked, overtired and over partied lives.

Adding IV therapy into your spa allows you to offer your clients an opportunity to strengthen and recover their bodies in an unparalleled and groundbreaking way.

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How does IV therapy work?

The process of IV therapy involves delivering vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients to the body directly into the cells. Always begin with a consultation, including a discussion of the client’s medical history. A medical intake form should be completed that addresses the client’s future health goals as well as any current medications, allergies or complications they may be experiencing.

Advise your clients to drink PLENTY of water the day before and the day of their treatment! Clients should also maintain their regular diet prior to and following IV therapy.

To begin the treatment, a small catheter is temporarily placed into a vein, which allows the nutrients to then be dripped slowly into the bloodstream over a period of approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the nutrients. This approach makes it possible to safely deliver large doses of nutrients carefully into a vein that would otherwise not be tolerated if taken orally. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and certain other nutrients have an incredibly potent drug-like effect when received directly into a vein, but without the side effects of many prescription medications.

Why “IV?”

Different combinations of vitamin and mineral drips work together to help to both enhance health and aid recovery with several unique benefits. Amongst a wide variety of clientele, here are some of the most common benefits that clients can experience during “the drip.”

  • Increased energy
  • Increased hydration
  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved healing and recovery from sports “wear and tear” and surgical procedures
  • Enhanced immune system support
  • Hangover recovery
  • Stress relief
  • Weight loss and increased metabolism • Improved appearance of hair, skin and nails

IV therapy results last approximately one week and the number of treatments required varies depending on the client’s body as well as the intention for the infusion. For example, a client suffering from jetlag, illness or sports injury may come in as needed for an immune system boost, while those with the intention of lightening their skin or those seeking anti-aging results may require IV therapy twice a week for approximately 12 weeks in order to maintain benefits. Depending on the particular treatment as well as the volume of ingredients included, prices for IV therapy can range anywhere from $95 to $260 per treatment.

IMPORTANT! Only a certified IV therapist or qualified nurse practitioner can administer IV therapy! Training and certification to become an IV therapist varies by location, although basic IV therapist certification requires the successful completion of an extensive IV training course and national licensing exam.

Why “IV” in Your Spa?

IV therapy’s alignment with the mission of a spa is due to their harmonized attention on improving the overall health and well-being of each individual client. Sabrina Hedin, IV infusion specialist at the Wycoff Wellness Center in Lansing, Mich., reports only positive feedback in regard to IV therapy sessions in her facility. “IV therapy is a mainstay for many of our clients who are seeking alternative ways to improve health and obtain wellness,” she explains. “With this therapy, we are able to better serve our clients’ needs in a healthy, safe and effective way!” Brian Sidella, president of Forever Young MedSpa in Cooper City, Fla., also mentions the incorporation of IV therapy in his spa, “We are evolving into not just an esthetics and skin care business, but into a community that offers incredible overall health and wellness services,” he says. “IV therapy is the most cutting-edge first step to take.”

Taking the initiative of adding IV therapy into your spa does more than set you apart from the competition; it allows you to offer your clients an opportunity to strengthen and recover their bodies in an unparalleled and groundbreaking way. Consider implementing the following into your spa to get started:

  • A comfortable space available for the infusions (large enough to accommodate a comfortable recliner)
  • A fume hood in a separate room for compounding IV cocktails
  • Full emergency kit including AED, an oxygen tank and emergency medications
  • IV bags
  • Storage areas for biomedical waste and IV equipment
  • Television
  • Soft music
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages

Hilary Chambers, licensed and registered naturopathic doctor and IV practitioner at Darou Wellness in Toronto, Canada, mentions the benefits her clients have reported, “My clients often report a huge boost in energy! They have come to me saying they are better able to handle their stress and their overall mood has improved.” Similarly, Marni Blickman, VitaSquad enthusiast in Miami Beach, Fla., states, “My clients not only feel healthier and more energized post-treatment, but they have reported improvement of the appearance of their skin tone, hair and nails!”

IMPORTANT! Offering a medical procedure such as IV therapy in your spa requires a medical doctor license and certification.

  Partnering with an IV therapist

Finding the right IV therapist to administer infusions in your facility is the next step! Not only does an IV therapist need to have the technical skills to perform procedures safely, but they must also have strong interpersonal skills to help minimize the client’s anxieties and concerns relating to this therapy. Finding an IV therapist to work in your spa is as simple as searching a credible job search website. Have your potential IV therapist or nurse practitioner institute the procedure on you first to ensure that client comfort and a safe procedure is executed.

Depending on how you plan to administer IV therapy in your spa, whether you include massage recliners, patient beds, specific ingredients, entertainment, etc., the cost can range from several thousand to more than $10,000, with profits attained after approximately six months. An IV therapist or nurse practitioner, in this case, is salary based. Tips should not be accepted for this particular treatment, as it is a medical procedure.


There are very few contraindications to IV therapy. As long as a client discloses their health history, current medications and an appropriate lab testing and physical exam are done, IV therapy is safe. Clients with kidney conditions, any serious disorders or those undergoing any type of chemotherapy are not at risk with IV therapy. However the therapy is targeted toward clients who are well overall, and simply in need of a boost due to muscle fatigue, cold and flu symptoms or hangovers. Do not administer IV therapy if there is any inflammation or infection at the insertion location or if the client may have allergies to any of the nutrients being infused. IV therapy is safe during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Potential side effects include discomfort at the site of insertion, inflammation of the vein, flushing, nausea, joint pain or headaches.

“Adding IV therapy into your spa allows you to offer your clients an opportunity to strengthen and recover their bodies in an unparalleled and groundbreaking way.”