Intravenous Therapy

Why IV therapy in the spa is the next beauty frontier


What used to be a service performed solely in hospitals is now part of a beauty phenomenon! Intravenous (IV) therapy has been popping up in spas all over the country as a technique to help clients with jet lag, vitamin deficiencies, anti-aging and overall health and wellness. Inspiration struck Jonathon Myers, M.D., Baltimore internist and physician, when he decided to mix key vitamins and minerals into a “cocktail” of sorts, founding the pioneer of IV therapy, the “Myers Cocktail.” Since this innovation, the advancements of IV therapy have not only become available to the general public at various spas offering “cocktails,” “juices,” and “blends” of vitamins and minerals, but has also generated a beauty “boom” in the lifestyles of many celebrities such as Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Rihanna! In an age where basic relaxation is a luxury, IV infusions have become the next hottest craze in the wellness industry as an easy quick fix for overworked, overtired and over partied lives.

Adding IV therapy into your spa allows you to offer your clients an opportunity to strengthen and recover their bodies in an unparalleled and groundbreaking way.


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Kristina Mazzenga

There are very few contraindications to IV therapy. As long as a client discloses their health history, current medications and an appropriate lab testing and physical exam are done, IV therapy is safe. Clients with kidney conditions, any serious disorders or those undergoing any type of chemotherapy are not at risk with IV therapy.