Sea Buckthorn Oil

Ingredient Spotlight

Why It’s Worth the Hype


Sea Buckthorn Oil, chances are you’ve heard of this somewhat “cult favorite” ingredient that enriches our serums and cleansers and anoints the skin in rich orange goodness. So here are some of the reasons why this amazing oil from the Sea Buckthorn Berry Shrub is incredible for the skin!

What is Sea Buckthorn?

The Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaes rhamnoides) Berry Shrub, which is native to Asia and Europe, is also known as sallowthorn, sandthorn, or seaberry. It naturally contains 14 vitamins (beautiful vitamin C and A included!) that contribute to overall skin and body health. The berries are cold-pressed and added to wonderful mixtures to help the skin with a variety of issues, including acne and skin showing signs of aging. It’s also a free radical scavenger, so it finds “broken cells” and helps repair them while also helping aid fine lines, wrinkles, and soothing dry skin. This makes this oil so versatile when it comes to working with all different types of skin and skin conditions.

Sea Buckthorn oil contains 190+ different bioactive compounds that all work together to soothe and repair the skin.


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Astrid Makenzi

Astrid Makenzi is a Holistic Esthetician, based in Clayton, NC, who began her journey in skin care after dealing with a severe battle of Lyme Disease and numerous skin conditions throughout her life. She has always had a deep love and admiration for skin care and wellness. She currently focuses on Skin Coaching Sessions, where she helps clients with primarily sensitive or acneic skin. She can be found through her business, The Holistica Hive, at, or on Instagram and Facebook.