Holiday Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year


The holidays are almost always everyone’s favorite time to shop and if you are a salon or spa owner, it’s a crucial time to consider, as it can make or break your retail goals for the entire year! Luckily, there are several creative ways to increase sales and bring in those clients that can help you drive revenue well into the new year.

First and foremost, you want to set the stage with holiday bibes. Decorations, music, and scents can help get your guests in the mood and create a festive atmosphere in your shop. Pay close attention to how the atmosphere feels, sounds, looks, and even smells. Make use of all the sensory tools you have, like twinkle lights, banners that are front and center with your offerings, and a beautiful Christmas tree with gift baskets ready to sell strewn out underneath it. Make it even more special by providing apple cider or hot cocoa with a mini peppermint stick or candy cane when your clients walk through the door. By setting your salon or spa space to feel like a Winter wonderland, clients will be more likely to stick around to browse and make additional purchases for family, friends, and themselves, even if they just came in initially for a service.

There are several creative ways to increase sales and bring in those clients that can help you drive revenue well into the new year

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Traditionally, holiday shoppers are incentivized to purchase by special sales and discounts. These are still some of the best tactics to use. Consider giving a decent percentage off products if they purchase over a certain amount. These types of specials can include BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals or “Door Buster” deals where you have an item that can be purchased at a super discount if the client purchases something else to “unlock” the special!

If your goal is to sell service packages, you can offer a series of your bestselling services where the client can receive a nice discount. These types of specials can include buy three, get one free, or even thinking bigger with high quantity packages like buy 10, get two free. Before you offer these, make sure that you examine your profit margin flexibility when creating these specials. Take into consideration if you give your employees commission, too! The goal is obviously to make a profit, and most businesses will find they have the benefit of being able to offer deeper discounts because of the upfront cash flow and the increased loyalty and FOV (frequency of visit) per customer.

So how do you get clients through your doors to sell these fabulous holiday deals? One of the best ways to sell gift cards is to push a campaign through your SMS or texting system. These are clients that are already set up to receive information from you and the open rate is much higher than sending it through an email campaign. Consider having easy options to purchase E- gift Cards online. This is a proven way to boost holiday gift certificate sales. Have a link that takes your client directly to the purchasing site.

It is also always savvy to remember that you have a broadcasting system on you all the time- YOUR phone! Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok bridge the gap, and to some degree, level the playing field so you, too, can promote your goods and services without turning to more expensive advertising options. Have fun with this and spend some time, thought, and even a little bit of money by boosting posts and creating ads to showcase your holiday specials to your target audience. Pick a theme and create a story around what you are offering that will draw eyes and attention to your brand. Use what your guests value about you most and speak to them in your signature way! If you don’t yet have a signature way of communicating with your clients, consider creating and building a Brand House. Your Brand House is a set of values, specific Pantone colors, fonts, and adjectives that describe your brand, scents, and specific experiences each guest should encounter during their interaction with you and your brand. When you have your basic set of elements that you want in your Brand House, you can then easily adapt your sales campaigns into seasons and holidays to keep your sales strong and consistent all year long.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful! With a bit of organization and thoughtful planning, the end of your fourth business quarter can be merry and bright. Spread the season’s cheer with creativity and fun so you can crush your sales targets and ring in the new year with a little extra in your bank account!