Family Spa Packages

Boost Revenue Before Heading Back to School

Before heading back to school, families around the country are looking for ways to connect with their children before sending them off to friends and teachers for the fall. After a busy summer of fun in the sun, it can be hard for families to realign and refocus in preparation for the schedule change that happens once autumn rolls around. As family wellness continues to trend upward into 2020, consider offering family-centric packages to encourage parents and children to reconnect and ground themselves before the school year. This last summer push is sure to bring peace to children dreading the return to school, and is a great way for you to meet your end-of-summer revenue goals.

Family Spa Packages

Family vacations are usually planned with the intention of strengthening relationships and creating memories that will last a lifetime. However, in today’s age of technology, it is not uncommon for these plans to be ruined by smartphones and video games, alike. Family spa treatments are a great a spa solution to this problem.

As defined by the Global Wellness Institute, wellness is ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Design spa packages that are customizable depending on the number of children and adults receiving treatments. Adult services should average 50 minutes of treatment time, and children’s’ services about 25 minutes in duration. Family spa packages are a great way to start educating children about wellness from a young age. Family spa treatments are a great way for children and families to de-stress. Time in the spa before the school year keeps them balanced, helps them form connections and allows the family to spend time together.

If space allows, consider turning one of your large rooms into a designated Family Room. While these accommodations are ideal, not all spas have such large rooms available for families to enjoy simultaneously. If a spa doesn’t have this kind of space available, it is still possible to create a beautiful spa experience for the younger members of the family. It’s more about the education and introducing them to the spa experience. Offer mini services, like teaching them how to soak their feet, or use a heated neck towel after sitting at a computer for long periods of time. These gestures expand what the spa can do without having the facilities to do it.

Amenities for All

Creating memorable spa experiences for families often requires re-thinking the age restrictions for certain spa amenities. While steam rooms and saunas are typically reserved for adult guests, opening up a portion of these relaxation areas allows families a place to spend quality time together before and after their services. Allowing teens access to aquatic and thermal spa facilities is a great way for parents to teach their kids healthy relaxation habits. Establishing a precedent of self-care and wellness for children and teens will bring new business to the industry and secure future success. Opening a portion of these facilities to your younger guests is also an easy way to increase revenue, as the cost per person can be the same for each member of the family.

Lunch Is On Us

Amplify the revenue boosting potential of family spa treatments by inviting your guests to spend more than just a few hours at your spa. Include a lunch hour in your family spa day package and create a warm and inviting space for families to relax. Partner with a near by health food store or restaurant and offer catered options.

The more time families spend at your location, the more opportunity you have to sell additional services and personalized retail items. Spa’s that offer family day packages experience revenue boosts in all of their departments.

It’s also a great idea to put together amenity kits for the children: Mini take-home kits with facial and body products are fun tools for kids to learn and play with at home. Offer the parents a skin and body care set that will work for the whole family – these are a tangible memory of the time they spent together and an incentive to purchase product from your business in the future.

Skin Care for Teens

As defined by the Global Wellness Institute, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” When creating family spa treatments, it should be the goal of service providers to give each member of the family the most complete wellness experience possible. It is also the responsibility of service providers to educate both children and parents on the benefits of spa and wellness therapy. Especially as summer comes to an end, children can be very hyper, and massage is a great way to work the body and burn excess energy, while at the same time relaxing the nervous system and boosting self-esteem. Facials also have similar relaxation benefits, as well as an added educational component in teaching children and teens to care for their changing skin. Most teenagers need some degree of acne treatment in their facials. But, it is the job of the esthetician to teach the client how to nourish their skin without over drying it.

When creating family treatments, keep in mind that age determines much of what your client can tolerate. With younger guests, keep treatment times to 25-30 minutes. This is just enough time to educate the client, and the parent, without being so long that the child becomes restless. Children are fortunate to be far from the onset of aging, so save the more potent serums for mom and dad. Use a product line for sensitive skin that will both exfoliate and nourish the skin.

Easy Add Ons

Here are some easy add-ons services that will bring family fun to your spa!

• Offer a fancy foot soak – while children may not be able to enter the locker room facilities, you can convert a public area into a family relaxation zone.

• Get your hands dirty – allow children and parents to mix their own DIY facemask before a facial treatment. Including them in the creation of their service is a fun way to educate them on beneficial skincare ingredients. Offer the mask as a take home amenity for an addition fee.

• Tailor-made toes – the key to making a connection is personalization. Families are seeking to create lasting memories; what better way to make an impression than custom nail designs for tiny toes.

• Bring the fun home ¬– send each family home with a piece of your spa. A group photo and amenity package is great retail add-on that will remind the family of the time they spent with your staff.

Remember the Rules

Having youngsters in the spa brings along a new set of risks. Keep in mind the following recommendations when creating family services:

• Children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult at all times

• Maintain adult-only areas so that independent spa guests can remain unbothered

• A liability waiver should be signed by the child’s guardian before each service

• Therapists and service providers should be properly trained in working with children

• Be sure to offer child-sized robes and sandals to avoid slips and falls