Esthetician Spotlight

With “Skin Whisperer” Amber Rose Johnson, Expert Esthetician and Owner of the Facial Lounge 


Facial Lounge is nestled in famed Corona del Mar, California: “perched above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.” A luxurious, custom-designed setting by Laura Brophy Interiors, the bungalow is inspired by the spirit of its founder, expert esthetician/mompreneur Amber Rose Johnson. Specializing in the custom vegan facial that delivers a true one-of-a-kind treatment, the Facial Lounge has empowered clients to discover their best skin for over 20 years.  

“Skin Whisperer” Amber Rose Johnson first developed a passion for the world of skincare as a teenager struggling to manage cystic acne. An innovator at heart, she experimented with her own homemade formulations of toothpaste, Bentonite Clay, and other readily available ingredients before turning to professional medical facials. While the results were incredible, the price tag was high – in fact, Johnson famously chose to continue her weekly appointments rather than get herself a car.  

To make matters worse, the treatments were quite painful, causing bouts of anxiety before each appointment. Fortunately, Johnson took a job at a natural market located next door to a day spa where an esthetician offered her a complimentary service. For the first time, she encountered a gentler method than the routine medical facials she trusted. The experience left her wondering: is there a better, more relaxing way to maximize results with a nature-based, pain-free approach?  

 Johnson began a decades-long journey into searching out the highest quality, most effective natural skin care methods. She earned her esthetician license and took extra classes at UCLA, learning everything she could about the links between overall health, diet, and skin, along with the best treatment methodologies.  

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She studied product ingredients and their synergistic effects with the gut microbiome, consulting with some of the biggest names in natural skincare, including Weleda, Jason, and Dr. Hauschka. Staunchly against animal testing and the use of any ingredients harmful to skin or the planet, she eventually developed her own original product line, in addition to creating the now fammed custom vegan facial that clients flock to at her Facial Lounge location for.  

Over the past two decades, she and her skilled team have helped countless clients achieve the skin of their dreams using holistic methods, addressing issues from severe acne to signs of aging. We had the opportunity to interview Amber about her success in the industry and the Facial Lounge. Here is what she had to say: 

What is your skin care philosophy? Why natural skin care? Most people care about what they put in their body and they don’t understand what they put on their body affects hormones, health, and the environment. Most skincare is mass produced and has ingredients that mimic estrogen and cause cancers, so ingredients are key. Good skincare is packed with nutrients like antioxidants that help fight aging and the health of your skin. This is why I think natural skincare is so important. Natural skincare is better for your skin and for the environment. Not only does it matter what you put in your body but it also matters what you put on your body. 

 What does a custom organic vegan facial consist of? Facial Lounge facials are always customized to the specific needs of every client’s individual skin. Every facial starts out with ozone steam to open pores and prepares the skin to receive product deeper. Ozone steam also releases any toxins and impurities in the skin and improves blood circulation. Next, clients receive a deep cleanse, removing any traces of dirt and excess oils and loosening up any congested pores. Following the cleanse, our estheticians move into extractions and exfoliation.  

After that comes a customized face masque. Whether the goal is anti-aging, moisturizing, clearing up acne or clogged pores, brightening skin tone, or a combination, our team knows just how to design the perfect formulation fit just for you! Lastly, while your masque is setting, you will receive a relaxing massage that addresses tension in the neck, shoulders, and arms as well as a lymphatic facial massage and contour massage. 

 What other services do you specialize in? Beyond our custom vegan facial that is personalized to each person we offer “elevations.” Elevation options Facial Lounge offers are: red or blue light therapy, microdermabrasion, microchanneling to plump the skin.   

 What sets your facial lounge apart from other spas? Everything is customized, all of our facials are personalized to each skin type and facial preference. We give you what your skin needs. Our clients are like family and we really love building close relationships with our clients and view our little bungalow by the beach as an hour escape from the world for them to relax and unwind.  

 How did you build your clientele? Taking really good care of them – I care not only about their skin but their overall well-being. I listen and cater to my clients’ needs, delivering on product and promises. I also built clientele by networking and women supporting women. 

 What are your tips for keeping your books full? I wanted to create an atmosphere of fierce love and support not just for my clients, but for employees as well. All the estheticians at Facial Lounge absolutely love to see the changes that can occur in both our client’s skin and confidence as they continue treatments with us. Our customers are an extension of our family and we love to build relationships with them. We also have a monthly membership system and have created such a loyal member-base.  

 How do you approach clients about retail products and home care? Skincare is like nutrition for your skin and I always want to make sure every client has the five essentials for their skin type: a cleanser, exfoliant, antioxidant, moisturizer and sunscreen. I educate them on good skincare and harsh chemicals and slowly replace products from their skincare routine with cleaner products.  

 How do you find balance between being a mom and owning a business? What advice can you give to other Mompreneurs? There is no balance, I take baby steps and put one foot in front of the other. I also make sure to write down my tasks and goals. My advice to other mompreneurs would be to stay positive, and be grateful you’re a mom and when things are hard, keep your eye on the goal and have your children motivate you to get there faster. 

 What do you see for the future of Facial Lounge? The future of Facial Lounge will have cutting-edge technology and the best treatments in the industry. I see us being the industry standard while having a happy environment for people to work. Currently, we have the Forma Facial aka “The Facial of the Future” which is a piece of advanced technology that allows people to have a “noninvasive facelift”. The Forma uses radiofrequency to improve the texture and look of your skin and stimulates the creation of new collagen while improving skin elasticity.